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Talent Acquisition Strategies For the Post-COVID Hiring Surge

As countries slowly reopen with vaccines ramping up, HR leaders are setting their sights on new talent acquisition strategies to ramp up their hiring efforts. Two workforce trends are making headlines across a range of industries, suggesting that employees and employers may not be on the same page.   Job hiring is projected to return to […]

3 Inclusive Workplace Strategies to Defrost the Frozen Middle

It goes without saying that inclusive workplaces are better at attracting talent, and even more important for retaining and upskilling your existing employees. However, organizations are still working towards diversifying every level of their organization and the frozen middle remains a universal issue challenging many companies. DEI remains a top priority for leading organizations, with […]

Is Your Enterprise HR Software Ready for the Hybrid Era?

How can enterprise HR software transform your hiring process and retention strategy? HR leaders around the globe are planning on digitally transforming their talent management practices in 2021. One of the common themes for the future of HR? A hybrid approach, for everything from the hybrid workplace to AI-augmented technology.  There’s much discussion around the […]

4 Practical Ways to Develop a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Creating a diversity and inclusion strategy for your organization can seem like a daunting task, but there are practical steps HR leaders can take to get a framework up and running. Change can be challenging and rewarding. However, there’s no shortage of studies that details the benefits of workplace diversity, including greater financial performance, innovation, […]

AI for Talent Acquisition Software is a Key Part of Your Post-Pandemic Talent Strategy

Leading enterprise organizations are turning talent acquisition software with new intent above maintaining a competitive edge in their industry. The long-term goal? Resilience in the face of unpredictability. HR leaders are in a unique position in the wake of COVID-19. The unpredictable past year forced many organizations to quickly pivot in response to frequent global […]