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Qualify Candidates

Go beyond the resume, without picking up the phone. Ideal’s chatbot can further qualify candidates, asking custom questions such as, “Can you lift 50 lbs?” and “When are you available to start work?”

Eliminate Phone Screens

Reach candidates through their preferred method of contact. By removing Drastically increase response rates and import engaged candidates directly into your existing HR systems.

Improve Candidate Experience

Reach out to candidates in hours, not weeks! Using a chatbot keeps candidates engaged and interested — at scale. Ideal’s chatbot keeps every candidate informed.

Engage With Candidates 24/7

Eliminate the need for initial screening calls and only focus on qualified candidates.


Ideal’s chatbot can effortlessly automate 70-80% of your top of funnel interactions including screening and further qualifying candidates.


Leverage our chatbot and candidate messaging software to optimize your pre-screening 24/7.


Make more time for high-level, enjoyable work.


Hot Topic used a chatbot to eliminate phone screens.

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