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Screen Every Single Candidate

Ideal’s resume screening software eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening, making sure no candidate is missed.

Grade Candidates In Real Time

Ideal’s software go beyond simple keyword matches identifying the most qualified candidates, instantly. It scans and filters resumes grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real time, all within your ATS.

Quickly Decrease Time To Fill

By using our software for resume screening, our customers have been able to reduce time to fill between 25% and 75%! Reach out to the best candidates in days, not weeks.

Automated Resume Screening Software Using AI

Ideal connects directly with your ATS to train on your unique business needs.

Powered by artificial intelligence, our next generation candidate screening software uses your feedback to get smarter.

By combining your performance data with millions of past hiring decisions, Ideal’s AI improves rapidly. Every action you take, whether it’s dismissing a candidate or bringing them into an interview, Ideal uses that feedback to get smarter and smarter.

By using automated resume screening, you avoid candidates falling through the cracks. Candidates are screened and shortlisted instantly, so you know exactly who to contact first.

Leverage our software to automate your resume screening to save yourself hours per week. Use that time to do the tasks you find more enjoyable instead!

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