Use AI to instantly screen and shortlist thousands of candidates, in real-time, and with incredible accuracy.

The new age of candidate screening is here

Our screening feature reduces time to fill and improves quality of hire.

Leverage AI to reduce time to fill by 70%

Hire faster

Reach top talent faster than ever before. Ideal accurately shortlists candidates so you can engage with the best candidates first and reduce time-to-fill.

AI that gets smarter

Ideal gets better over time. Our algorithm uses recruiter feedback to continuously improve and find the best fit for your role and organization.

Diverse hiring

Improve the representation of diverse applicants. By removing name, gender, and age Ideal’s algorithm is 100% bias free -- contributing to a fair screening process.

Accurate grading

Ideal takes into account external evaluation elements like assessments, chatbot conversations, or any other data points.

Screening that enables smarter talent acquisition


reduction in time to fill

4 hours

saved per recruiter day

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“[With Ideal] we are able to engage with the right candidates quickly and move along the recruiting process more efficiently. ”

Bimla S

Product Owner