Resume Overload?

You’re too talented to spend your days manually screening resumes. Introducing Intelligent Screening — AI for Recruiting.

Intelligent Screening

High-volume hiring is more demanding than ever. Manually screening resumes should not be in your job description. Use Ideal and know exactly who to interview, instantly.

How it works

Using artificial intelligence, Intelligent Screening can instantly shortlist thousands of resumes.


Ideal’s technology goes beyond simple keyword analysis and enriches your existing resume data.


Using past performance data, Ideal builds a successful benchmark for your organization’s roles.


Ideal’s artificial intelligence technology improves accuracy with every hire, exit, and interview.

ATS Integration

Ideal plays well with your existing systems. Zero IT resources required. We add intelligence to the environment you already use.

See how Ideal can eliminate manual resume screening so you have more time to focus on what is really important: building your best team.