Hiring? Make Time for What Matters

Your team is too talented to spend their days on tedious, repetitive tasks. Ideal provides AI-powered recruiting software for busy talent acquisition professionals to free up their precious time.

Recruitment Automation

Ideal uses artificial intelligence to screen resumes, uncover past applicants for new roles and initiate candidate outreach.

All of this is done seamlessly within your existing ATS, no additional training required!


Ideal’s artificial intelligence quickly moves top candidates through the recruiting funnel.

Rediscover Past Candidates Within Your ATS

Uncover and update top talent from your existing ATS and increase your qualified candidates 3x.

Use AI To Decrease Cost Per Hire By 71%

Eliminate inefficient manual resume screening and watch cost per hire drop by up to 71%.

Increase Recruiter Productivity 3.7x

Use AI and automation to free up time for high-value tasks like interviewing.

Full ATS Integration

Ideal plays well with your existing systems. Zero IT resources required. We integrate with all major applicant tracking systems including SmartRecruiters, Kenexa, Taleo and Greenhouse.

Let us show you how you can use Ideal's recruiting software to instantly improve your hiring.