High-Volume Recruiting Powered by A.I.

Ideal is an intelligent system that complements your existing HR software to help you make the best data-backed talent decisions.


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Why Ideal?



Analyze your candidate data to screen and shortlist all of your candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy.

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Use intelligent automation to effortlessly automate tedious, time-consuming tasks so your recruiters can focus on high-value work.

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Engage with candidates at scale, 24/7! Ideal’s chatbot can easily replace phone screens to further qualify candidates.

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Use AI to scour your existing applicant database for top candidates. Optimize your talent pool in seconds!

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Make Data-Backed Hiring Decisions

Finally connect and analyze all of your candidate data sources to unlock hidden insights and make optimal hiring decisions.

Improve Quality of Hire at Scale

Use AI to identify candidates who will stay longer and perform better. Consistently select talent that succeeds.

Seamless Integration

No one wants another tool to master! Ideal integrates directly with your existing talent acquisition systems.

I can’t say enough about the impact this technology has made on our business, especially at scale. It is a monumental leap forward.

Johnny Sanchez Head of Recruiting
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Our Simple AI for Recruiting Guide

AI is a complex technology but understanding it should be simple! Learn the definitions, concepts and applications of AI in Talent Acquisition today – in plain english.

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One-Page Diversity & Inclusion Guide For HR

Definitions, strategies and success metrics for encouraging diversity and inclusion in your workplace. Best practices from the world of recruitment and talent acquisition!

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A How-To Guide For Using A Recruitment Chatbot

Recruitment chatbots are all the rage but what can they actually do? Learn how a chatbot can help screen and pre-qualify candidates for your team.

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Resume Screening Using Artificial Intelligence

A data-backed look at what resume screening using AI can do for your team. Learn how to finally connect all of your candidate data to identify top candidates.

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