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What are the 4 Types of Diversity in the Workplace?

Many HR leaders and executives are on board with new policies and initiatives for increasing diversity in the workplace. Diverse organizations are more adaptable, show consistent revenue growth, and set the standard as competitive industry leaders.  Diversity in the workplace refers to a workforce comprised of individuals of race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, physical ability, […]

Why Talent Intelligence Systems Should Be HR’s #1 Priority

For many global organizations, enriching the full employee lifecycle, starting with hiring and retaining the best talent, is their top priority. A talent intelligence system can provide an objective and insightful look into your workforce on a granular level. New and trending tech can be eye-catching and there’s no shortage of ways to optimize your […]

5 Crucial Talent Acquisition Metrics You Should Be Tracking

What are the most effective talent acquisition metrics HR leaders should be tracking? Increase your team’s accuracy and efficiency while measuring what steps in the acquisition process are succeeding. We’ve outlined some of the most important metrics outlined below. What are talent acquisition metrics? Talent acquisition metrics are the standard measurements of success that enable […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Corporate diversity and inclusion has become a hotly discussed topic in the last year and is now deemed essential for a company’s success. Even as the “people” experts, many HR professionals are struggling to implement policies for real change. This undefined ask for change has led to underdeveloped goals and a lack of direction with […]

How To Conduct An Interview In 6 Simple Steps: A Pocket Guide

You’re hiring a new employee and you’ve done the hard work of attracting, prescreening, and shortlisting your candidates. Now for the last crucial step in the process: how to conduct an interview. Figuring out how to interview candidates the right way can be stressful and confusing. That’s why I created this handy pocket guide on how to conduct […]