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Talent insights you can act on!

Discover Actionable Data

To understand the effectiveness and value of your recruiting process! Recruiter to hire performance, actioned candidates, diversity metrics, and more!

Assess Diversity Metrics

Measure applicant demographics throughout the hiring process and at scale! Dive into your diversity metrics by role, hiring stage, and geography.

Reduce Hiring Bias

Promote a progressive organizational culture by enabling your talent teams to adopt unprejudiced hiring practices while minimizing the effects of unconscious bias.

Actionable Diversity Insights

Ideal provides in-depth talent insights that allow talent acquisition teams to turn diversity policies into outcomes.


Use Ideal Insights to eliminate prejudice, reduce hiring bias, and build a more diverse workforce.


Ideal’s customers are 80% more likely to hire a workforce that accurately represents their talent pool.


Diversity and Inclusion: A Broad Overview

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