Artificial Intelligence For Recruiting

Without sacrificing quality for speed, Ideal uses artificial intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, assessments and performance data. Combining this knowledge with automation, Ideal increases quality of hire, slashes turnover and reduces bias.

Ideal's Features

Intelligent Screening

Centralize your candidate data to screen and shortlist all of your candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy.

Intelligent Automation

Use intelligent automation to effortlessly automate tedious, time-consuming tasks so your recruiters can focus on high-value work.

Intelligent Rediscovery

Use AI to scour your existing applicant database for top candidates. Optimize your talent pool in seconds!

Intelligent Chatbot

Engage with candidates at scale, 24/7! Ideal’s chatbot can easily replace phone screens to further qualify candidates.

Screen Candidates Automatically, in Real-Time, with Incredible Accuracy.


  • Ideal scans and filters resumes, grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real time, all within your existing ATS dashboard.
  • Ideal’s resume screening software eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening.
  • Reach out to the best candidates in days, not weeks.

Finally Connect All of Your Disparate Data Sources To Uncover Hidden Insights.


  • Combine resumes, chatbot conversations, performance data, assessments and more to finally close the loop on your hiring funnel.
  • Use Ideal to learn from your unsuccessful hiring decisions and repeat your best practices.

Let Your 24/7 Chatbot Keep Candidates Engaged And Informed While You Sleep.


  • Go beyond the resume, without picking up the phone. Ideal’s chatbot can further qualify candidates, asking custom questions such as, “Can you lift 50 lbs?” and “When are you available to start work?”
  • Finally reach passive candidates and drastically increase response rates.
  • Whether you receive 20 resumes a day, or 2000, Ideal’s chatbot keeps every candidate informed.

Bring in Top Talent From Your Existing Database And Optimize Your Candidate Pool.

  • You are already sitting on a gold mine of resumes, screen prior candidates, maximize your talent pool and speed up your sourcing!
  • Use artificial intelligence to scour external and internal databases 24/7.

Overwhelmed by this whole "AI in HR" thing? No worries! Ideal integrates directly with your existing ATS.

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