Artificial Intelligence For Recruiting

Your team is too talented to spend their days on tedious, repetitive tasks. Using AI, Ideal increases recruiter efficiency, eliminates human bias, and enhances the candidate experience—all within your existing ATS!

Triple Recruiter Efficiency

Cut Time To Fill

Automate sourcing, screening, and everything in between to shorten hiring cycles from 34 to 9 days. Reduce time to fill by up to 75%.

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Reduce Cost Per Hire

Reduce cost per hire by 71% by fully eliminating the majority of your candidate sourcing, screening, and engagement costs.

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Increase Efficiency

Recruiters using Ideal free up their time to do high-value work that computers can’t. With more time to interview, hires per recruiter can increase over 3x.

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Improve Candidate Experience

Accelerate Candidate Outreach

Using Ideal, recruiters know who to contact first and can invest their time building relationships with strong, qualified applicants.

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Shorten Your Application Process

Top candidates abandon lengthy applications. Ideal simplifies applying to help you attract great candidates.

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Engage Every Candidate

When screened manually, up to 66% of applications go untouched. Ensure 100% of candidates are assessed and informed of their status.

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Eliminate Bias, Increase Diversity

Remove Bias

Biases in the screening process can unknowingly eliminate great candidates. Make data-backed hiring decisions based on merit.

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Increase Diversity

Diversity is a competitive advantage. Increase your workplace diversity and build stronger teams.

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Ensure Compliance

Ideal’s proprietary AI for recruiting technology is both EEOC and OFCCP compliant.

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Make Better Hires

Increase Human Touch

Keep the “Human” in Human Resources! Ideal gives your team more time to focus on things that a computer can’t do, like interviewing and assessing culture fit.

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Make Data-Backed Decisions

By learning from your successful hires, in addition to the millions of hiring decisions within Ideal, every recruiting decision is merit-based and data-backed.

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Find The Key To Quality of Hire

Ideal processes massive amounts of resume, hiring, and performance data to determine what makes a top performer for your specific role.

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