Artificial Intelligence Software For Recruiting

Your team is too talented to spend their days on tedious, repetitive tasks. Combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to deliver on increasingly demanding recruiting targets.

The Benefits of Using Ideal

Triple Recruiter Efficiency

Eliminate tedious recruiting tasks so your recruiters can focus on their most high-value work.

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Improve Candidate Experience

Give your candidate experience an instant upgrade! Reduce wait times and keep candidates engaged.

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Eliminate Bias, Increase Diversity

Remove conscious and unconscious hiring bias, make every recruiting decision based on merit.

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Make Better Hires

Use AI to identify your most qualified candidates, watch your time to hire plummet.

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How It Works


We connect directly with your ATS to train your assistant on your unique business needs. By combining your data with Ideal’s data on millions of past hiring decisions, Ideal’s accuracy can improve rapidly.


Automate & Assist

After training, Ideal is ready to assist! Ideal’s AI for recruiting automates tedious tasks in the background, without the need for a separate login. Automate sourcing, screening and shortlisting tasks, all within your ATS.



Just like a great assistant, Ideal gets smarter over time! Ideal’s accuracy improves with every hire, interview and dismissal. Use AI to repeat only your best hiring decisions.


Ideal's Skills

Resume Screening

Screen candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy. Put screening on cruise control.

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Candidate Sourcing

Bring in top talent from the external candidate pools you already use such as CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter.

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Candidate Rediscovery

Use AI to scour your existing applicant pool for top candidates. Optimize your talent pool in seconds!

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Seamless ATS Integration

No new logins or interfaces to learn. Ideal works like a real human assistant, right inside your existing ATS/CRM.

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