Improve Your Candidate Experience

ideal's candidate experience features

Every single resume can be screened and replied to instantly.

Automated outreach identifies which candidates are interested allowing human recruiters to concentrate on a smaller number of qualified candidates.

Keep Every Applicant Informed

Let every single candidate know their current position in the recruiting process, in real time.

Reduce Wait Times

Show how much you value your candidates by reaching out to them quickly.

Increase Engagement

Use AI-powered communications to keep past candidates engaged in your company and brand.

How We Do It

With 86% of recruiters believing it’s a candidate-driven market, a negative candidate experience makes it even harder to compete for talent.

Yet 47% companies are still making a common recruiting mistake: candidates report their biggest frustration is never hear back after submitting an application. Industry surveys estimate 65-75% of resumes are completely ignored.

Ideal’s recruitment automation software improves your candidate experience by allowing you to screen and reply to every single resume you receive instantly.

Instead of taking days or weeks to contact candidates, Ideal streamlines and simplifies your outreach. Optimizing communication with candidates helps identify which ones are interested, allowing recruiters to focus on a smaller number of qualified candidates.