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S&P Data Uses AI for Recruiting to Improve Retention Rates by 20%

Adrian Dixon

September 10, 2019

S&P Data and Ideal’s partnership achieves improved candidate experience, recruiter productivity, and employee retention through the use of artificial intelligence.

Toronto, Canada — [September 10, 2019] — S&P Data is a leading North American contact center, with 7 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Its Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers pride themselves on offering the highest-quality customer service. 

S&P Data has adopted and fully utilizes Ideal’s four core features: intelligent screening, intelligent chatbot, intelligent automation, and intelligent rediscovery. Through this, S&P Data found that Ideal achieved three crucial things that revolutionized their talent acquisition process:

  1. Ideal was able to drastically improve the candidate experience by connecting with more applicants that apply to contact center roles. “Prior to using Ideal we had a 20% contact rate. We have now reached an 84% contact rate through the chatbot.” – Sara Benincasa
  2. S&P Data struggled with a lengthy talent acquisition process that was extremely costly prior to using Ideal. “With this software, our time to fill has decreased from 25 days to 10 days, saving time and recruiter resources.” – Sara Benincasa
  3. In the contact center space, quality of hire is essential to keep talent acquisition costs down that result from turnover. With Ideal, S&P Data has been able to “increase employee retention by 20%, which is a huge accomplishment in this space” – Sara Benincasa

“These tremendous results are a testament to the Ideal team and their hard work over the past five years. The fact that we can prove our impact on quality of hire through extensive research and development is something we are very proud of. S&P Data has been an amazing partner to work with. They are extremely innovative and forward-thinking.” – Somen Mondal, CEO of Ideal

Through Ideal’s partnership with S&P Data, tremendous efficiencies have been achieved. “Our recruiters are now happier and more engaged. They spend their days connecting and speaking with candidates. We can now see that we are hiring the right profiles for our positions, and these are people that are being extremely successful at S&P Data.” – Sara Benincasa

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About S&P Data:

S&P Data is a leading North America contact center group. We have multiple, right-sided contact center facilities located throughout the U.S. and Canada. No off-shore call centres for us. Our centres are state-of-the-art. They are large enough to justify a major investment in technology yet small enough to sustain our unique culture.

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About Ideal:

Ideal is an intelligent system that complements existing HR software to help organizations make data-backed, high-volume talent decisions. Ideal uses artificial intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, assessments and performance data. Ideal engages and shortlists candidates to help increase quality of hire and reduce bias.

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