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Increase in contact rate


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Increase in retention rates

S&P Data Increased Retention By 20%

The Challenge:

S&P Data struggled with contact rates, recruiter workloads, and high turnover. 

S&P Data is the leading North American contact center, with 7 locations across the U.S. and Canada. It’s Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers pride themselves on offering the highest-quality customer service, which is achieved through the people hired at S&P Data.

I used Ideal at a previously company and we had tremendous success. When I joined S&P Data, I partnered with Ideal because I knew it would solve our core challenges.

Sara Benincasa
Vice President of Human Resources

The Solution:

Ideal solved S&P Data’s candidate experience, recruiter inefficiencies, and employee retention challenges.

As a direct result of implementing Ideal, S&P Data was able to achieve three core business outcomes: 

1. Ideal improved the candidate experience immediately, ensuring a higher contact rate through using the chatbot. The 24/7 availability of the chatbot creates the ability to reach candidates immediately.

Prior to using Ideal, we had a 20% contact rate. Since switching to the chatbot, we now have an 84% contact rate.

Sara Benincasa
Vice President of Human Resources

2. S&P Data saw a drastic increase in their recruiter efficiency through adopting Ideal. Their recruiters no longer spend their days screening resumes and engaging in preliminary phone interviews. Ideal has allowed recruiters to do what they truly love: building connections and fostering relationships with their candidates.

Our time to hire has drastically decreased. We averaged 25 days prior to using Ideal and now we average 10.

Sara Benincasa
Vice President of Human Resources

3. The third and most important benefit S&P Data has seen with Ideal is the improvement in their quality of hire through being able to reach the right candidates first. In the call center space, 75% of attrition happens in the first 60 days, so finding a product that helps with quality of hire is monumental.

By implementing Ideal, we have increased our retention by 20%. In addition, our new hires are outperforming some of our more tenured associates on the floor, indicating that we are now hiring the right profiles for success.

Sara Benincasa
Vice President of Human Resources

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