10 Global Human Capital Trends You Must Know [Deloitte & Ideal Webinar]

Carolyn Lawrence, Leader of Gender Diversity and Inclusion at Deloitte, presents the 10 global human capital trends currently transforming the workplace.

Is your organization ready for these 10 trends? Carolyn delivers an overview of what every modern HR professional needs to know. Brush up on the new terminology and technology that will save you time, save you money and, most importantly, make your job easier.

In this 30-minute presentation on the top 10 human capital trends of 2016, Carolyn discusses:

  • the new organizational design based on cross-functionality
  • employee engagement and its correlation with workplace diversity and inclusion
  • digital HR and the changing skills of the HR organization
  • the increasing adoption of people analytics as a competitive advantage
  • and more!

Access the full slide presentation here.