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Diversity Recruitment: 5 Proven Strategies For Workplace Diversity

Adrian Dixon

October 12, 2016

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Diversity recruitment is a top priority these days. A SHRM survey found that 57 percent of HR professionals say their recruiting strategies are designed to attract diverse candidates. 

Here are 5 proven strategies for improving your workplace diversity recruitment.

1. Offer flexibility as a workplace perk

Flexible work schedules and work-life balance are the most desired perks for women and Millennials. 

2. Use a pre-hire assessment to measure candidates’ personalities and skills

Personality assessments increase workplace diversity because they lack adverse impact (i.e., the scores do not differ for minority candidates).

Diversity recruitment methods that reduce unconscious bias such as objective assessments are a great tool to help companies achieve workplace equality.  

3. Encourage referrals from diverse employees

Use the “similarity attracts” principle to increase the diversity of your recruitment pipeline.

4. Use blind hiring methods such as anonymized resumes

Evaluate a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and potential – decreased unconscious biases about his or her race, gender, age, and education level.

5. Leverage intelligent shortlisting technology

Replace manual resume screening with recruiting software that automatically applies shortlisting criteria across all candidates.

The bottom line

Successful diversity recruitment is becoming a competitive differentiator.

Glassdoor found that 67 percent of job seekers say that diversity and inclusion are important factors when deciding between companies and job offers. A Forbes Insights survey of senior executives found the top priority for workplace diversity was the recruitment of diverse talent.

Take advantages of the 5 proven diversity recruitment strategies above to give yourself a huge competitive advantage.