What Candidates Want In 2018: 4 Insights From Indeed

You’ve heard it over again: recruiting is now candidate-driven and talent pools are only getting tighter.

candidate insights from indeed 2018

So what’s a resource-strapped recruiter to do? Arm yourself with the latest data on what candidates want, of course.

Indeed recently surveyed 2500 employees and here are the top 4 recruiting insights from their research. Watch our video summarizing the data below:


Candidate insight #1: Money isn’t everything

Indeed found only 12% of employees surveyed cited salary as an important factor in their job.

Not only that, although many reported feeling underpaid, 55% stated they would consider turning down a pay rise if it meant a work environment they disliked or working with employees they didn’t get along with.

Candidate insight #2: Engagement is more important than ever

If it’s not money that makes people happy, what does? 21% responded that “having a good relationship with colleagues” was more important for satisfaction at work than salary.

Even more motivating was “enjoying the job” with 24% of respondents picking this option. When candidates have choices, being satisfied and engaged at work clearly matters.

Candidate insight #3: Candidates will forgive rejection if speed is a factor

Even after an unsuccessful interview, 67% would re-apply for a position in an organization. This is where technologies like candidate rediscovery can create a competitive advantage for your recruiting (i.e., finding prior candidates in your ATS for a new req).

But it’s not just any job they’d re-apply to. 65% of candidates rated “speed of response” from an employer as the most important step to establishing employer-employee trust.

This is why companies are investing in AI tools like recruitment chatbots to speed up time to contact and reach out to candidates within hours, not weeks.

Candidate insight #4: Your employer brand can make or break a job offer

68% of candidates said they’d turn down a job offer if they were made aware of negative aspects of the company. Hand-in-hand with candidate experience, employer brand is an important recruiting differentiator in today’s competitive talent market.