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AI Recruitment: The Future of Automated Recruiting

Adrian Dixon

November 22, 2016

AI recruitment is the hottest topic in recruiting these days.

AI for recruiting is the application of artificially intelligent abilities such as learning or problem-solving designed to automate some part of the recruiting workflow.

One major reason why AI recruitment is exploding in popularity is the competing pressures of hiring volume increasing at the same time as recruiting teams staying the same size or decreasing.

This means talent acquisition leaders are looking for ways to streamline or automate their recruiting teams’ workflow.

To give you an idea of what an automated workflow looks like for recruiting, specifically for high-volume recruitment, we created the infographic below.

AI Recruitment: The Future of Automated Recruiting

ai recruitment infographic

Step 1: Your job posting receives receives hundreds of resumes which get collected by your ATS. On average, 75% of the candidates are unqualified.

Step 2: AI recruitment in the form of automated resume screening technology instantly grades and shortlists the qualified 25% of candidates for you.

Step 3: With a click of a button, you can set up interviews with qualified candidates using an auto-dialer, auto-texter, or auto-emailer.

Step 4: AI recruitment in the form of a chatbot can help you engage with candidates by answering their questions about the job and providing them with feedback about their applications.

Step 5: AI recruitment in the form of video interview technology uses algorithms to analyze candidates’ emotions, word choices, and personality traits to help you assess whether they’d be a good fit for the job.

Step 6: You can interview candidates online in real time or watch pre-recorded interviews on your own time. With a click of a button, you can invite candidates to an in-person interview or hire them based on their video interview.

Step 7: By automating or streamlining parts of your recruiting workflow, AI recruitment allows you to spend more of your valuable time engaging with candidates and partnering with hiring managers to make better hires, faster.