How Recruiters Are Combining AI And Assessments To Find Talent

At its core, hiring is trying to predict the future: how do we predict which candidate will become a good employee? And how can we know who will be retained?

New approaches in talent prediction have emerged with the adoption of AI for recruiting to complement the predictive power of psychometric assessments.

Industry analysts agree that AI technology is a force multiplier for pre-hire assessments.

In our new video, Kathryn Christie, Director of Talent & Strategy at Self Management Group and I explain the intriguing way AI and assessments are being combined to help recruiters find better talent.


Integrating AI and assessments into your recruiting workflow looks like this: 

    1. A candidate applies; their resume enters a company’s ATS.
    2. AI analyzes the resumes of existing employees in the role and learns the qualifications of what successful employees look like.
    3. If a chatbot is part of your recruiting workflow, it reaches out to the candidate and asks them pre-screening questions.
    4. If you use an assessment, the candidate receives a link and their data gets collected.
    5. The AI incorporates all this data to grade the candidate an A to D and presents that grade to the recruiter in the ATS.
    6. The recruiter can then make the decision of whether to move the candidate forward to the interview stage.
    7. The data collected by AI and the data collected by the psychometric assessment, combined with employee performance and retention data can all be statistically evaluated to enable recruiters to better predict how well a candidate will perform on the job.

Combining AI and assessments has led to results such as:

  • 20% increase in employee performance
  • 30% increase in retention
  • 100% screen rate
  • 71% reduction in cost per hire
  • 30% fewer in-person interviews for the same number of hires