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Guest Post: 5 Best Practices For Using Social Media For Recruitment

Adrian Dixon

September 1, 2017

Glassdoor reports 79% of job seekers use social media to research companies they’re interested in.

If you’re considering the idea of using social media for recruitment, make sure you understand what applicants are looking for in an employer and abide by legal employment regulations first.

using social media for recruitment

To help attract candidates, here are 5 best practices for recruiting on social media the right way.

Best practice #1: Share the right number and mix of posts

The goal is to find top talent, but the number of times to post will make a significant difference.

Network and engage with your entire audience.

A conversation about a trending topic in your industry might spark an online conversation where a person with the skills you need posts something you find profound.

The second point to consider is the 5-3-2 rule. If your social media team publishes 10 posts each day, the mix of posts should include:

  • 5 pieces of external content: blogs, articles, and information from external online sources that will engage your audience.
  • 3 pieces of internal content: blogs, campaigns, articles, and information from your company.
  • 2 pieces of personal content: fun content that showcases your company being active in the community with personal stories to attract top talent.  

Best practice #2: Stay compliant with your posting

According to PEW, a majority of social media users are White and Hispanic. If you’re a diverse opportunity employer, it’s wise to keep these demographics in mind when hiring talent.

Keep in mind HR compliance basics to stay compliant when communicating with applicants. All backlinks added to a social media post must include the original employer policy required by law in your state.

Best practice #3: Let applicants know ahead of time

Most job seekers that use social profiles such as LinkedIn for professional purposes will have it set on public.

However, if you’re planning on viewing a candidate’s public social media profiles, it’s preferably to do it after you interview him or her.

You can explain to the candidate that a part of the verification process includes reviewing their public online presence.

Best practice #4: Showcase your company at its best

An important consideration for social recruitment is how employees use a company’s social media profiles.

It’s a good idea to allow employees to share their thoughts, images, and videos while employed with the company if it’ll enhance your public image and branding.

The first step is to select the right employees or departments to use your company accounts. It can include a marketing department, communications, or the sales team.

Make sure to develop, share, and implement a social media policy of the dos and don’ts of online behavior and communication. Update the policy throughout the year as necessary.

Best practice #5: Use the appropriate social media platforms

Whether your plan is to hire Generation Z, Millennials or Baby Boomers, I highly recommend you use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook when promoting job opportunities online.


In each post, use keywords to attract and search for candidates.Grow your network by connecting with previous colleagues you once worked with at other organizations.

Invest in LinkedIn Premium to email prospects and create a pipeline of people you communicate with on a weekly basis.


Facebook has a Graph Search option to find people with specific talents and educational backgrounds.

These people can help garner attention to your company and open roles by being social influencers in their field or having a talent for engaging people in interesting conversations.

Another idea is to join Facebook groups to see which users are knowledgeable, have a positive attitude, and are professional in their communication.


Although Twitter only allows up to 140 characters in written posts, you can add videos about your company and photos to gain the attention of candidates.

The use of hashtags (#) will increase your chances of being discovered.

Summary: 5 Best Practices For Using Social Media For Recruitment

I encourage you to use social media as a free platform to find the best candidates that may not use job search engines to find new employment.

5 best practices you’ll want to follow are:

  • Avoid potential bias by following HR compliance rules.
  • Communicate to selected candidates that a social media review of their public accounts may be conducted before the final hiring decision.
  • Post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and connect with potential candidates.
  • Use the 5-3-2 social media posting rule to help your company shine and attract applicants for new job opportunities.
  • Allow employees to share their thoughts, images, and videos to showcase your company.

Makeda for social recruitment Makeda Waterman is a professional writer. She has written for Huffington Post,, Elite Daily, Infusionsoft, and among others. When she’s not freelance writing, you can find her traveling to the Rocky Mountains or eating out at a new restaurant in her city.