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4 Guidelines On Choosing The Right Candidate Assessment Tool

An accurate candidate assessment tool gives you an opportunity to evaluate candidates based on their skills, knowledge, ability to perform, and behavioural style.

It becomes clear then that recruiters would benefit by using a candidate assessment tool before a face-to-face interview. But with all the candidate assessments available in the market, deciding which one to use can be confusing.

Here are 4 guidelines for making an informed decision when selecting a candidate assessment tool.

1. Define your recruiting objectives

First, it’s important to understand the purpose of an assessment tool in your hiring process and your desired outcomes. Ideally, when choosing a right candidate assessment tool for your organization the objectives include:

Primary objective

    To get quality candidates

Secondary objectives

    To make unbiased decisions To provide a great candidate experience To make your recruiting more cost-effective

Based on your desired outcomes, outline what recruiting objectives you want to accomplish with your candidate assessment tool. Continue reading