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One-Page Diversity & Inclusion Guide For HR

Definitions and best practices for encouraging diversity and inclusion in your workforce.


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  • Diversity and Inclusion Defined

    Define what diversity and inclusion looks like at your unique organization.

  • Learn How To Identify Top Priorities

    How to set and prioritize your D&I priorities.

  • Examples of Success and Accountability Metrics

    Examples of the metrics your team can use to encourage success.

You heard it here first!

  • As AI systems in HR get smarter, more proven, and more focused on specific problems, I believe we will see dramatic improvements in productivity, performance, and employee wellbeing.

    Josh Bersin, Founder & Principal, Bersin by Deloitte

  • Now, as we enter 2018, the next journey for HR leaders will be to leverage artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence.

    Jeanne Meister, "AI Plus Human Intelligence Is The Future Of Work", Forbes

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