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6 Genius Recruitment Strategies You Should Try This Month

Adrian Dixon

July 26, 2017

The competition for talent is fiercer than ever, with 68% of recruiters reporting they have difficulty finding full-time employees. In today’s environment, it can be challenging to come up with recruitment strategies that make your jobs stand out from the rest.

what are your recruitment strategies when recruiting is challenging

Here are 6 genius recruitment strategies you can try to attract interested candidates.

Recruitment strategy #1: Duplicate your top performers using tech

One of the best recruitment strategies is duplicating your top performers. You already know what works well at your company, so why not duplicate it?

Of course, this is easier said then done and without the help of the right tool, it’s hard to do manually and scale.

AI for recruiting software integrates with your ATS to automatically analyze the resumes of your existing top performers to learn their skills and qualifications. It then grades and shortlists new candidates who fit the skill set (e.g., from A to D).

Recruitment strategy #2: Hold an open house recruiting event

Holding an open house at your company and inviting eligible candidates can be a fast way to meet dozens of candidates in person. The people who attend are likely to be the ones most interested in your jobs.

However, this type of event tends to work best if you already have a well-known company to attract people in the first.

Recruitment strategy #3: Geo-target your job ads

One of the more novel recruitment strategies, geo-targeting is a method that identifies the real-world geographical location of a visitor to a website or app and presents content to him or her based on country, city, street, etc.

For example, geo-targeting potential candidates involves advertising your job posting to people within 30 miles of your company’s location. While this has the advantage of targeting local candidates, a person’s proximity to your company doesn’t always correlate with their interest.

Recruitment strategy #4: Buy keywords related to your job

Another way to target candidates online is to buy keywords related to your job that candidates might be searching for online.

The advantage of this recruitment strategy is that someone searching the keyword can signify their interest. Depending on how competitive the keywords you select are, however, it can get expensive.

Recruitment strategy #5: Rediscover past applicants in your ATS

CareerBuilder found that one of the biggest complaints employers have about their recruiters is the failure to look at candidates in their own database.

Luckily, rediscovering past applicants is easier these days with new software that mines your existing resumes in your ATS.

This type of technology works by entering a job description and then the rediscovery technology automatically screens every resume in your ATS to find and rank the most qualified matches.

Recruitment strategy #6: Accept alternative types of job applications

McDonald’s made headlines recently by allowing job seekers to apply on their Snapchat career page via 10-second “Snaplications.”

Other tech-enabled ways to apply to your jobs that reduce the time and effort candidates need to spend include video applications, mobile-friendly 1-click applications, and voice recorded applications.