The 5 Best Resources Online For Reducing Recruiting Bias

It’s clear that recruiting bias is still a major topic of concern.

Last month, 175 CEOs united to be a part of the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion alliance including organizations that span from Walmart to Major League Baseball.

reducing recruiting bias to increase diversity

As part of their pledge, one of their main goals is to mitigate recruiting bias and other types of biases in the workplace.

One benefit that has resulted from all this attention is that a lot of companies have started to develop resources on how to educate ourselves on these biases in order to help reduce their negative effects.

Here’s a list of the 5 best resources online for reducing recruiting bias.

1. CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

The new CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion initiative has already amassed an impressive list of case studies in their Actions section.

List of resources include:

  • Affinity Groups and Networks
  • Gender Strategies
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Metrics and Accountability
  • Veterans Initiative  

2. Google – Guide: Raise Awareness About Unconscious Bias

Google’s People Analytics team is probably the most famous HR department in the world.

It only makes sense they have some of the most comprehensive resources on how to fight unconscious and recruiting bias.

Google’s guide consists of 7 modules with videos, articles, and downloadable worksheets.

List of resources include:

  • Understand the science
  • Partner with leadership
  • Watch Unconscious Bias @ Work
  • Learn about Google’s workshop experiment
  • Tool: Give your own unbiasing workshop

3. Facebook – Managing Unconscious Bias

Facebook recently published a series of 7 videos on four common biases in the workplace.

Their mission statement includes, “Our goal in publishing this portion of our managing bias training is to achieve broader recognition of the hidden biases we all hold, and to highlight ways to counteract bias in the workplace.”

Each video is about 15 minutes long and does a great job of explaining the research on bias and discrimination while contextualizing it for the workplace.

List of resources include:

  • Stereotypes and Performance Bias
  • Performance Attribution Bias
  • Competence/Likeability Tradeoff Bias
  • Maternal Bias
  • Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion and What You Can Do

4. Buffer – Diversity Dashboard

A CBC reporter recently asked 31 Canadian tech companies if they collected data on the diversity of their employees and only two companies did so.

Unlike the annual EEO-1 report in the US (employment data by race/ethnicity, gender, and job category), Canada doesn’t have a clear system or template to report the demographics of their workplace.

A tech company that is doing an amazing job on reporting their diversity stats for both their employees and applicants is Buffer.

Their diversity dashboard provides a template that we can all learn from with breakdowns according to gender, race/ethnicity, age, and sexual orientation.

Collecting demographic data helps identify recruiting bias

5. Ideal – Workplace Diversity And Reducing Bias

Of course, I’m including our own great content (if I do say so myself!) on how to reduce recruiting bias and increase workplace diversity.

All of our recommendations are based on scientific research and industry best practices.

List of resources include:

Watch our video on 5 Proven Strategies For Workplace Diversity below: