Benefit: Improve Quality of Hire

Based on thousands of historical recruiting decisions as well as feedback from recruiters, Ideal learns what successful employees look like and continues to make smarter candidate recommendations.

How We Do It

When sourcing, recruiters care about the number of qualified candidates they present to hiring managers which is directly related to the recruiting KPI hiring managers care about most: quality of hire.

Quality of hire can be measured in a number of ways including retention and hiring manager satisfaction.

With the average cost of replacing an employee ranging from $3400 to more than $4000, it’s clear why improving retention is a top priority.

By standardizing the match between candidates’ qualifications and the job’s requirements, Ideal can improve retention by reducing errors in identifying employees who are less likely to turnover.

Ideal’s artificial intelligence can improve quality of hire by learning what successful employees in a role look like based on thousands of historical recruiting decisions. By incorporating feedback about candidates while screening, Ideal can continually improve its candidate recommendations.