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Optimizing iCIMS For Success

Adrian Dixon

August 13, 2019

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Have you been wondering how to make iCIMS even better for your recruiters?

Our partnership with iCIMS

iCIMS is a leading recruitment technology solution in the world for businesses of all sizes. 2019 Conference Board research showed that a CEO’s current top priority is “attracting top talent,” so the ascent of iCIMS couldn’t come at a better time. Ideal is available in the iCIMS marketplace and we integrate seamlessly with the product.

If you’re considering iCIMS as an ATS solution, take a look at some of their customer success stories.

An ATS is essential 

A good ATS is essential for companies, because you need a place to capture, store, and reference candidate information, both for legal compliance and for the ability to better manage future searches (oh, and to make sure you don’t go absolutely insane trying to manage all these candidates manually). 

ATS is something you need, and iCIMS is a great current market solution. But how can you make iCIMS even better?

The power of AI integration

Luckily for you, Ideal integrates with iCIMS. Broadly beyond just Ideal, the power of taking a machine learning/AI application and integrating it with iCIMS would get your business:

  • Real-time screening of candidates, quickly, and with incredible accuracy: This is a huge area where technology works more effectively than humans. For high-volume roles, it’s impossible for a human being to screen thousands of resumes and have any real context on the potential of those candidates. Technology can do this very quickly, and as it does so, it will sort the candidates into “tiers,” akin to A, B, C, D — which is an efficient way to present information to a hiring manager or start the phone screen process.
  • Screen out unqualified candidates essentially automatically/instantly: This means you can focus more on the best candidates, which is a better use of your time (and your hiring manager’s time).
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are important because they can keep candidate dialogue going even when you’re out of pocket, not at work, or asleep. It’s a 24/7 operation providing FAQ answers on different available roles. The chatbot helps the candidate experience because candidates, even if they know they’re talking to a bot, still feel good and “in the loop” about what’s happening with this opening.

To understand how we specifically work with iCIMS, and you can request a demo that requires no technical set-up beforehand. We’ve integrated with dozens of iCIMS clients, so we can show you exactly how AI sits on top of your ATS and makes it more powerful.

Any other questions? Let us know. We’d be happy to help. Here is a link to our iCIMS marketplace listing if you are interested in learning more:!overview