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Job Hunting In the Digital Age: Reputation, Resumes & Video Interviews

Adrian Dixon

September 27, 2016

Job Hunting In the Digital Age

Many corporations and organizations are trying to optimize their hiring process to be more streamlined and reliable. Digital tools have made the hiring process not only much easier but at the same time more in-depth. Our digital age has made information about potential new hires much more accessible. From finding out where they earned their MBA to who their first employer was, researching candidates online can help recruiters go beyond what might be on their resume and give you more information about their past work. Sites such as LinkedIn can show recommendations and connections candidates have as well as more information about their work experience and accomplishments.

Social Media and Recruitment

Social media has also made interacting with candidates on a more personal level easier and ensures that you are screening candidates that fit the needs and philosophies of your company. Recruiters now have the benefit of finding out more about a potential new hire before even interviewing them. Social media has become one of the primary ways of communication. It has not only become a way for people to connect with one another but also a way for companies to reach out to their audiences. It has now become a necessity for companies to be a part of the social media sphere. Organizations can use social media tools not just to raise their profits but also to find new hires. Those already commenting and interacting on an organization’s social media pages already have a personal interest in the organization. Reaching out to people who already have a grasp of the company’s philosophies can help find candidates that will thrive on the job.

The New Interview Process

The interviewing process itself has become much more convenient and accessible thanks to video chatting. Now you can screen candidates quickly and conveniently through video interviews. Recruiters can also reach candidates globally thanks to digital resumes and the accessibility of video interviewing. About 63% of organizations use video interviews during their recruitment process. Video interviewing saves time and also allows companies to reach candidates that are not within their locality but are highly qualified for positions. Many companies might use video interviewing as a quick screening tool for their first set of interviews then may ask candidates to return for a more in-depth in-person interview. Although video interviewing does involve having the right technology, incorporating it into the hiring process can help ensure your organization is hiring the right candidates for the job.

Here are some other ways recruiters can benefit from the digital age of job hunting: job-hunting-digital-resume-vera

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