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Ideal Announces New Patent For Its AI For Recruiting Technology

Adrian Dixon

July 30, 2019

Ideal’s patent covers the system and methods for determining the right candidates for roles within an organization.

Toronto, Canada — [July 30, 2019] — Ideal, an A.I. for recruiting software company, announced the allowance and issuance of US Patent 10,255,585, entitled “A system, method and computer program product for determining suitability of a candidate for a role in an organization.” It protects the system that is configured to create an ideal candidate profile for the selected role based on several different data sets. The patent, issued on April 4, 2019, builds on Ideal’s ability to determine the correct candidates for jobs in an organization.

“Our team is extremely innovative and research-focused” said Somen Mondal, CEO of Ideal. “This patent is the direct result of the extensive product growth that our development team has achieved.”

About Ideal:

Ideal is an intelligent system that complements existing HR software to help you make data-backed, high-volume talent decisions. Ideal uses artificial intelligence to analyze rich candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, assessments and performance data. Ideal engages and shortlists candidates to help increase quality of hire and reduce bias.

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