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Ideal Applies Artificial Intelligence to Optimize High-Volume Retail Hiring

Adrian Dixon

April 3, 2017

Ideal Improves the Candidate Experience and Optimizes Talent Acquisition Opportunities

TORONTO, ON–(April 3, 2017) – Ideal, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Recruiting company, is pleased to announce the successful implementation of their AI technology with the “cultural department store for booklovers,” Indigo Books & Music Inc. A first-mover in recruitment automation, Ideal enables employers such as Indigo to leverage artificial intelligence technology to automate commoditized recruiting tasks such as resume screening and shortlisting. By eliminating these more routine functions, talent acquisition professionals can focus on high-value responsibilities such as interviewing and building relationships with candidates.

Ideal’s recruitment automation technology has helped Indigo succeed with two compelling initiatives: improving the candidate experience and optimizing talent acquisition opportunities.

“Indigo’s situation is very common: as an award-winning employer and a well-loved brand, they’re inundated with inbound applicants,” CEO and Co-founder of Ideal, Somen Mondal, explains. “With manual resume screening, even the best employers need a strong partner to ensure wait times are not excessive.”

“We’re known for our forward-thinking hiring practices,” says Sarah Wilson, Director of Talent Acquisition at Indigo. “Ideal shares our belief that a positive candidate experience is a competitive advantage. Ideal’s automation technology significantly reduces candidate wait times while allowing our managers to focus on the assessment and selection processes. Both the cost and time savings were immediately recognizable.”

Ideal’s numbers showcase the quantifiable value of recruitment automation. Using Ideal, Indigo has tripled their qualified candidates, reduced cost per hire by 71%, and increased overall recruiter productivity by 3.7x.

“It’s no surprise Indigo repeatedly ranks on all the top employer lists,” says Somen. “We’re happy to help such a great company find the talent they depend on.”

Ideal builds recruitment automation software that recruiters love. Ideal’s artificial intelligence (AI) automates time-consuming, repetitive tasks including sourcing, screening and engaging candidates. Ideal reduces human bias, improves quality of hire, enhances the candidate experience and increases recruiter efficiency. To learn more or request a demo, visit