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AI for Recruiting from Ideal Now Available for Purchase on SAP® App Center

By integrating with SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, the AI Talent Acquisition solution from Ideal delivers high-volume, bias-free hiring recommendations to customers.

Toronto, Canada — [June 26, 2019] — Ideal announced today that its AI for Recruiting is now available on the SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. Ideal integrates with the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution and delivers data-backed high-volume hiring recommendations and automation improvements to customers. 

“Every organization that receives an abundance of applicants for their roles understands the pain points present in recruiting today,” says Somen Mondal, Founder and CEO of Ideal. “Our AI-powered system of intelligence works to screen and shortlist applicants, while engaging with candidates via chatbot, leading to improvements in candidate experience and quality of hire.”

By removing bias commonly used to make hiring decisions, Ideal helps solidify diversity and inclusion initiatives within organizations. Continue reading

How A.I. Improves Hiring In Transportation And Logistics

Is transportation and logistics hiring on the decline?

This is a complicated question. In the short-term, the answer may be yes. This is truck transportation employment in the United States over the past year or so:

The good news: From April 2018 until March 2019, roughly 35,000 new jobs were added to the trucking industry in the United States. And, broadly, hiring within the transportation and logistics sector rose by 7,300 in March after a 4,700-employee decline in February. Final piece of good news: trucking employment is still 1.9% higher than it was at this point in 2018, which outpaces the general economic growth of 1.7%. Continue reading

A Hiring Manager’s Checklist: What Do You Need To Know?

Have you been curious as to what hiring managers need to consider in their day-to-day workflow?

Hiring managers are busy people

That’s usually what hurts the hiring manager-to-recruiter relationship: Hiring managers are busy people (as are recruiters), and oftentimes hiring managers don’t fully understand the full scope of recruiting beyond “I need a great person for my team ASAP!” Because both sides are busy and understanding of each side’s role can be confusing — recruiters don’t always understand the full scope of what every department does, either — the relationship can be messy, meetings can be rushed, and the wrong candidates can be put forth. Continue reading

The Time For A.I. Is Now

Have demographic shifts made recruiting with A.I. increasingly relevant? It’s time for A.I. in recruitment.

How do the big dogs view HCM anyway?

Compliance has long been one of the main reasons that people with purchase-making ability inside companies (i.e. VPs, executives) buy human capital management software, or HCM. The value propositions by the HCM companies are often around “engagement” and “experience,” and while executives do broadly care about those concepts, compliance tends to be the most important feature in software that will mostly be used by the Human Resources department.

This has been the case for years, but we’re increasingly into the age of even more strategic value from HCM solutions. Continue reading

How A.I. Improves Hiring In Business Process Outsourcing

Have you been struggling to find the right hires for your business process outsourcing operation?

The rise of business process outsourcing (BPO)

For a quick definition: Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is when a company contracts a third-party (external) service provider to handle some of the business needs. Typically, this involves finance and accounting, legal processes, healthcare services, payroll and benefits, etc. Call centers are a notable form of BPO as well.

BPO is growing at a tremendous rate recently; by some measures, it’s at a 25.1% compounded annual growth rate. In some BPO hubs, like Cebu City in the Philippines, we’ve seen a 19% hiring growth in a single month. Continue reading

Recruiting Horror Stories And How To Fix Them With A.I.

Have you been wondering if your recruiting horror stories are things that only happen in your company? Trust us, they aren’t.

There are any number of recruiting horror stories in the world. The whole reason that “candidate experience” has become such a big concept in the last 3-5 years is that, well, oftentimes candidates were receiving either no experience or a very negative one, and that was harming companies. They were losing access to top talent and harming their brand and bottom-line. Now more people are discussing how to treat candidates, and that’s a welcome change.

We decided to comb LinkedIn and the Internet (and some of our friends and family) for recruiting horror stories, then show you how they can be fixed with better processes and products. Continue reading

Have You Mastered Recruiting In Banking?

Is recruiting in banking something that you’ve thought about at your organization?

Like almost every industry these days, banking is changing a great deal and becoming more technologically-focused. The disruptive arm of the financial services industry is called — logically — “fintech,” and it’s already making a pretty big dent. Millennials and Gen Z, broadly-speaking, are either quick to change banks or abandoning banks altogether, which will consistently adjust the broader industry in the next 10-15 years.

As the industry evolves, though, what about recruiting within the industry? What do you need to know there?

Some broader ideas about recruiting for the banking industry

The good thing for recruiters focusing on banking is that finding people — the sourcing part of the equation — is usually easier than in other industries. Continue reading

Guest Blog – Quality Of Hire vs. Time To Hire

Have you been wondering about what the quantitative difference between quality of hire and time to hire is?

Recruitment involves dozens of metrics. It’s easy to fixate on each one without improving the hiring process. But there are two metrics that employers tend to value: quality of hire and time to hire.

We’ll explore the benefits and drawbacks of these metrics. We’ll also provide best practices for striking the ideal balance between the two.

Quality of Hire

Quality can be a difficult aspect to measure. After all, it’s a subjective metric. But quality comes in many forms: ROI, productivity, and manager satisfaction. Continue reading

How A.I. Changes Hiring For Telecommunications

Is there a best practice when using AI in hiring for telecommunications roles?

Our director of business development, Diego, actually has a Bachelors in Telecommunications Engineering. We’ve been working with companies in the space for years. Hiring can be tricky in telcom because there are dozens of potential roles, from strategic in-HQ operatives all the way to field service reps. How do you make sure you’re maximizing your hiring process?

First: know the trends

Customer experience is a huge trend in telecommunications for 2019 and beyond. Consumers have more choice, but also more devices — and those devices are increasingly connected. Continue reading

Are You Curious About High-Volume Hiring?

Have you been wondering how to solve your challenges with quality of hire in your high volume hiring landscape? Unemployment is at a low, and it’s time to take action to ensure you hire the right people.

The landscape around high-volume hiring

Look at the lines representative of “unemployment” and “jobs added” in America from 2008 to 2017:

2009 wasn’t a great time for companies, as they were immediately post-recession and laying people off like crazy, hence the 9.9% unemployment rate. Only about 129,000 jobs were added on average per month. You could argue that’s a good time for recruiters, though: while their companies might be in a hiring freeze, there’s still a huge amount of available talent on the market — at least 1 in 10 people, and more not represented in these stats (i.e. Continue reading