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AI for Recruiting: News, Tips, and Trends

Do You Want To Hire Top Banking Talent?

Are you wondering how to find the best banking employees for your open roles?

We covered recruiting for financial services back in summer 2018, and we touched on recruiting in banking this past summer. We wanted to present some new information about the state of the banking industry as regards recruiting now, though.

Specialist vs. generalist

This is actually based on research conducted in 2015 and 2016, but the research holds up across banking and financial institutions — and it’s a common topic these days because of David Epstein’s book Range about generalists triumphing in a specialized world.

In banking and financial services, you tend to see this trend line: The people who are entering the profession tend to be more generalist, whereas the people leaving tend to be more specialist, as seen below: 

There are a lot of potential explainers for that. Continue reading

The Math On AI For Recruiting: It Works!

Have you been curious as to if the numbers and costs associated with AI for recruiting would be positive in your company?

The discussions about AI in the recruiting process have been robust in 2018 and 2019. More and more companies are adopting these solutions, or some form of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but there’s a lot of companies out there still doing things in an old-school, manual way. That makes sense, obviously — change is not easy, especially as an organization gets bigger and there are more stakeholders to inform and get approval from — but the math is not on the side of old-school recruiting approaches staying as the norm for long.  Continue reading

Are You Curious About The Top 5 HR Tech Trends For The End Of 2019?

Are you wondering what the top 5 hr tech trends this year are going into HR Tech in Las Vegas this week? We’re here to help!

In the last five or so years in HR technology, the big trend has been the rise of artificial intelligence, or AI. The 2018 HR Tech conference in Las Vegas was pretty much all vendors talking about their AI-enabled suites, and that theme is expected to continue at HR Tech 2019 this week. (AI will actually be a major session track at HR Tech ‘19.) This all leads to the idea that HR is now a “product business,” which is increasingly true, and that having AI in your suite of products is now “table stakes.” Continue reading

HR Tech 2019

Tens of thousands of HR executives will be in Las Vegas next week from over 40 different countries. It’s that time of the year again – HR Technology Conference & Exposition! We are looking forward to meeting you there.

With keynotes from Josh Bersin and Barbara Corcoran, more than 450 exhibitors, hundreds of sessions, and plenty of social gatherings, HR Tech is the can’t miss event of the year! As the world’s largest expo of its kind, we are certain we will see so many familiar and new faces making change in the HR space.

It’s clear that the adoption of AI is here to stay with an entire track dedicated to AI in HR. Continue reading

How Can You Optimize SuccessFactors For Success?

Have you been considering integrations with SuccessFactors to make it even better?

Have you been wondering how to make SuccessFactors even better for your recruiters?

Ideal’s partnership and seamless integration with SuccessFactors

If you’re in talent acquisition and have shopped for technology, you’ve probably come across SuccessFactors, which is a part of the SAP ecosystem. We work extremely closely with SuccessFactors, and are listed in their marketplace as a bestseller. In fact, we happen to be at SuccessConnect in Las Vegas this week as well! Check out our Twitter to learn more!

If you’re considering SuccessFactors as an ATS solution, take a look at some of their customer success stories. Continue reading

Are You Hiring In Telecommunications?

Are you wondering what the trends within telecommunications hiring are?

Where telecommunications stands right now

This is, almost undeniably, the most interesting time in telecommunications industry history. 

The industry is mature and remains highly competitive. The immediate future of wireless is clearly in the total connectivity potential of 5G technology, with organizations such as Verizon launching fully-virtualized 5G cores within 20-24 months. Verizon, like most operators, initially embraced “non-standalone” design using a 4G network to handle tasks in order to launch commercial services more quickly. 

While the 5G potential is clear — streaming video to ultra HD television screens, virtual reality applications, real-time online gaming and smart home applications — and will allow communication service providers (CSPs) to move up the value chain, the present is a bit less clear.  Continue reading

S&P Data Uses AI for Recruiting to Improve Retention Rates by 20%

S&P Data and Ideal’s partnership achieves improved candidate experience, recruiter productivity, and employee retention through the use of artificial intelligence.

Toronto, Canada — [September 10, 2019] — S&P Data is a leading North American contact center, with 7 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Its Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 customers pride themselves on offering the highest-quality customer service. 

S&P Data has adopted and fully utilizes Ideal’s four core features: intelligent screening, intelligent chatbot, intelligent automation, and intelligent rediscovery. Through this, S&P Data found that Ideal achieved three crucial things that revolutionized their talent acquisition process:

Ideal was able to drastically improve the candidate experience by connecting with more applicants that apply to contact center roles. Continue reading

4 Key Trends You Need To Know When Recruiting For The CPG Sector

Are you wondering what the key trends in CPG recruitment are today?

Consumer packaged goods (CPG), products that customers use and replace on a frequent basis, is one of the largest industries in North America, valued at approximately $2 trillion.

Despite its prominence, the CPG sector often struggles with recruiting because it loses candidates to other industries. According to David Youngerman, founder of a CPG recruitment firm, “The CPG business is not perceived as that sexy. People coming out of the top business schools don’t see CPGs as desirable as it used to be versus healthcare, consulting, technology, and investment banking. Continue reading

How A.I. Changes Hiring In Healthcare

Are you looking to make your hiring practice more productive and efficient?

North American healthcare hiring has been decreasing a bit in 2019, which is a potential longer-term problem. Statistically, there is a bigger skills gap in healthcare than in the broader economy, with the United States potentially facing a 122,000 doctor shortage by 2032. 

Hiring doctors can be niche, however, because of their extremely-specialized skills. Nurses have a specialized skill set as well, but hiring for them is a bit easier and can be aided with technology even more efficiently. And we need it! The hiring picture on the nursing side isn’t rosy. Continue reading