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A Buyer’s Checklist For AI Recruiting Software

Adrian Dixon

June 4, 2018

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According to LinkedIn’s Recruiting Trends 2018, 67% of recruiters say AI helps them save time, 43% believe it reduces human bias, and 31% say it delivers the best candidate matches.

So if you’re in talent acquisition, investing in AI seems like a smart move. But how do you decide which AI tool is right for you?

I break it down in our new 11-point buyer’s checklist on AI for recruiting software.

Section 1: Questions for your team

Your decision making process for buying AI for recruiting software starts with the questions you ask your team (and yourself).

A good starting point is asking yourself: what’s our biggest pain point? And how does that pain point translate to a business problem?

Other items include considering which software tools your cutting-edge peers are using and industry analysts are recommending.

Section 2: Questions for your vendor

When it comes to questions for the vendor, the most important priorities for you are probably ease of use (e.g., easy integration with your current recruiting stack) and whether they have experience with your type of company (e.g., vertical).

This is where evidence of happy customers and successful implementations – case studies – can hold a lot of weight.

Download the full checklist by clicking below!