Screen Thousands of Candidates in Seconds.

Ideal is an AI-powered talent screening & matching system that helps enterprise teams make more accurate, fair, and efficient talent decisions.


Our Features


Instantly screen and shortlist thousands of candidates, in real time, and with incredible accuracy.

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Use AI to scour your existing applicant database for top candidates. Optimize your talent pool in seconds!

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Engage with candidates at scale, 24/7. Ideal’s chatbot can easily replace phone screens to further qualify candidates.

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Effortlessly automate tedious and time-consuming tasks. Progress candidates, trigger assessments, and more!

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Reduce time-to-fill

Ideal accurately screens thousands of applicants in real time, using AI to shortlist and identify top candidates.

Connect with top talent faster

Ideal shortlists candidates based on resumes, assessments, and chats. Unlocking hidden insights to make optimal hiring decisions.

Enable fair screening

Ideal removes variables that commonly lead to biased screening and matching, laying out the foundation for unprejudiced hiring practices.


Our time to hire averaged 25 days prior to using Ideal and now it averages 10 days. Our retention rates have increased by 20% as well.

Sara Benincasa , Vice President, Human Resources, S&P Data

Both the cost and time savings were immediately recognizable. Our screening costs plummeted 75% and our overall cost per hire is down 71%.

Sarah Wilson , Director of Talent Acquisition, Indigo

Ideal has helped us reduce time-to-fill and the time it takes us to respond to applicants.

Matt Pasch , SVP of Talent Acquisition, Burlington

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