Why Ideal?

HR teams leverage Ideal’s talent intelligence to identify better candidates faster, reduce time-to-fill, and reduce screening bias.

Why Ideal

10M+ candidates screened with less bias

Still spending countless hours reviewing thousands of applications? Ideal helps talent acquisition teams interview better candidates, faster. Identifying top matches for openings, engaging candidates via chatbot, removing inefficient delays by automating status progressions, and reducing elements that lead to hiring bias.


reduction in time to fill


less interviews


increase in retention

Why Ideal?

No Separate Platform

Ideal lives inside your current ATS. No separate login or platform needed.

Continuous Improvement

Our algorithm learns from recruiter feedback, assessments, and candidate performance to improve over time.

Algorithmic Explainability

With transparency in mind, Ideal explains every decision in great detail.

World Class Advocates

Ideal has been deployed by several Fortune 500 companies — and we have glowing references.

Globally Compliant

GDPR, OFCCP, EEOC and many more. We stay ahead of compliance so you don’t have to.

Always Safe

We are ISO27001 certified and we can store data in multiple locations around the world.


Our time to hire averaged 25 days prior to using Ideal and now it averages 10 days. Our retention rates have increased by 20% as well.

Sara Benincasa , Vice President, Human Resources, S&P Data

Ideal has helped us reduce time-to-fill and the time it takes us to respond to applicants.

Matt Pasch , SVP of Talent Acquisition, Burlington