What is an Inside Sales Representative?


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This blog series will define specific jobs and roles that are common in today’s tech companies.

This is what you should expect in an Inside Sales Representative role.

After years in SaaS, sales hiring jargon comes second-nature to me, but there was a time when I didn’t know an account rep from an accountant.

Building on my last post about Business Development Reps, today I am going to discuss the Inside Sales Rep. In technology, specifically B2B, inside sales reps have revolutionized the way companies sell. Today, most high growth companies depend on highly capable inside sales teams. Inside sales legends include HubspotBluecat Networks and GoToMeeting.

Inside Sales Representative Defined

Short Definition

People typically get into this role as a promotion from a business development rep or as a second sales job. Generally anywhere from 2-5 years of experience, but that’s a big generalization. In this role, you will close business. Compensation is a mix of base + commission.

Long Definition

“Inside sales representative” essentially means a salesperson who works inside the company office and doesn’t visit customers in person. In technology sales, where a lot can be done over the phone and through screen sharing software, Inside Sales Reps can usually close business right over the phone.

Think of the Inside Sales Rep as the foundation of a technology sales team. They work between the Business Development Rep and, in some cases, the Outside Sales Rep. In more ideal situations, Inside Sales Reps are passed a qualified lead and work the relationship with the customer until the deal is closed. In some cases the Inside Sales Rep must prospect and qualify their own leads. One of the main everyday duties of the Inside Sales Rep is that they must properly manage their pipeline and diligently record interactions with their customers (such as calls made, emails sent, etc.). A Sales Manager or Director can be brought in to help close the business at the very final stages of negotiations.

The entry point into an Inside Sales Rep role is typically an individual’s second job in their sales career or as a promotion from being a Business Development Rep. In some cases, Inside Sales Reps start at that position right as a recent graduate.

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Inside Sales Representative Salary

Compensation is typically a base + commission. The commission is usually a straight percentage of the size of the deal (or in software-as-a-service, the annual contract value).

Glassdoor reports US Inside Sales Rep salaries to average around $35k, but notice the huge range—like BDRs, strong Inside Sales Reps can rake in commission quickly or advance (typically to Outside Sales Rep).

Canadian employers generally hover slightly above, with some of the highest bases starting in Toronto and Vancouver.

Hiring Inside Sales Representatives From An Employer’s Standpoint

Most high growth technology companies have Inside Sales Reps. Other titles for Inside Sales Reps include Account Executives and Sales Representatives.

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