What Is a Medical Sales Rep Job? Medical Sales Explained

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A Medical Sales Representative is the vital link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. This is everything you need to know about a medical sales rep role.

What Is Exactly Is a Medical Sales Job?

Definition of a Medical Sales Rep Job

A Medical Sales Rep’s job is to promote and sell their companies’ products, which can range from medical equipment to prescription drugs.

These products are sold to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare professionals. The role of a Medical Sales Rep is to identify customer needs and wants and then use various sales techniques to demonstrate that the company’s product is the best available fit.

The Difference Between Pharmaceutical Sales Reps and Medical Sales Reps

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps can often be compared to Medical Sales Reps, but the two have their differences. Medical Sales Reps are required to have extensive medical experience and are often thought of as having a more aggressive sales technique. Pharmaceutical Sales on the other hand is seen as more of an entry-level sales position.

Typical Day as a Medical Sales Rep

Medical Sales Reps gain their high profiles by putting in the hard yards to make a sale. A usual week in the life of a medical sales rep would include organising and attending networking events, keeping up to date with the latest products and research data, arranging meetings with doctor’s pharmacists and healthcare professionals, reaching sales targets and planning weekly and monthly work schedules with your team and Sales Manager.

The work hours are not your normal working hours and will not be 9-5. You will however, generally get weekends off.

A Medical Sales Rep has the luxury of being able to work from either an office or at home, but a significant amount of their time will be spent on the road traveling to client meetings and organizing presentations.

Medical Sales Representative Salary

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Getting into the field of Medical Sales definitely has its perks – one of them being the pay.

According to the 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report, Medical Sales Reps earn an average income of $141,464 per year, with an average base salary of $80,681. These figures will obviously vary dependent on the individual rep, but it appears that selling Health IT or software will gain you the most income, with it topping the ladder at an average wage of $169,881 per year.

Other Perks of Being a Medical Sales Rep

Along with the income you will get being a Medical Sales Rep, the job also has many other perks, like a healthy expense account, company car, gas card, profit sharing opportunities, stock options, and health benefits.

The job satisfaction also rates quite highly, with over half of Medical Sales Reps stating that they are “very satisfied” with their job and 17% saying they are “somewhat satisfied”

Becoming a Medical Sales Representative

To get a head start as a Medical Sales Rep, a business or marketing degree from any established university or college is a must.

Subjects such as Medical, Pharmacy or Nursing will also increase your chances of breaking in to the field.

Training within the field is given and you will learn all of the product information on the job, but it is helpful to have a background in healthcare or life science to assist you in understanding all of the medical terms.

To be successful as a Medical Sales Rep you must have excellent communication skills and a motivation for success. An outgoing personality, teamed up with some strong networking skills will get you far in this industry.

Work experience in other sales professions may benefit you in breaking in to the Medical Sales field, but ultimately persistence is key when it comes to making contacts.

Once you are in the industry, your career prospects are endless.

You will generally start off as a sales rep, but have the potential to move interstate, or globally with this job alone. From here, you have the potential to move into a more senior role such as sales training, area manager or account management. The potential is also there to become a Sales Manager, after you are confident that you have the full training and knowledge to manage a team in the Medical Sales Field.

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