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The Top 5 Sales Careers Hiring In 2016

So you have a great mix of experience, talent and personality that is essential in any career in selling. Now it’s time to land that perfect job and start earning the big bucks. These are the top 5 sales careers hiring in 2016.

Good news—most sales careers have the potential to be amongst the highest paying professions in North America. According to a survey from The Bridge Group (2015), the average base salary of a B2B inside sales rep is $60,000 with an average on-target earnings of $118,000. This is extremely high. A salary of $118,000 makes sales more than twice the average salary for all other professions. Continue reading

7 Advanced Tools for Social Selling You Must Try Today

Sales professionals are increasingly using social media tools to network, connect with prospects and maintain relationships with existing contacts. Jamie Shanks has compiled a list of 7 social selling tools for us that he uses on a regular basis and highly recommends to other sales professionals and clients that he trains on social selling.


IFTTT (“if this, then that”) allows users to create “recipes” that are connected to social media tools to automate tasks and responses based on triggers. For example, you can set up a recipe if someone you’re connected to posts a new job on LinkedIn, you will automatically get an email to alert you. Continue reading

Are You An Introvert? Here’s How To Get A Job In Sales

I’ve always been very curious about the traits that seem to predict success in different industries. Sales is particularly interesting to me because most people (myself included) seem to first associate salespeople with car lots and extraversion. I asked the self-described “Sales Introvert” Alen Mayer, to shed some light on one of the most misunderstood traits in sales success: introversion.

Introverted people by their nature are considered to automatically have a dead-on-arrival status in the world of sales. However, this reputation is generally created and believed by people who have no idea who the most successful salespeople can be. More often than not, some of the leaders are actually self-admitted introvert types who have learned how to make their natural inclinations their strengths in the world of business. Continue reading

Exercising Your Ask Muscle: Ask For The Sales Job!

We are happy to feature Founder & CEO of TayganPoint Consulting Group, Joy Taylor. Joy partners with clients to make strategy happen – providing solutions in the areas of strategy, sales, process, program management, and change management.

Humble Beginnings

I got my first job when I was 16, working behind the counter of a Honeybaked Ham Company store in Clearwater, FL. At that age, regardless of gender, you’re on par with everyone else wrapping sticky pork shanks in tin foil and plastic netting. It doesn’t take a heck a lot of life skills to achieve your daily objectives and at the end of a shift, a young lady wields a gray mop exactly the same way that a young man does. Continue reading

Why I Quit My Comfy Job

I had finally done it. I landed my “dream job” in the capital markets at a huge national bank.

As a brand new MBA graduate, this was the job that everyone wanted to have. It was the “in” job at the time. I was making good money and my parents were super happy. But after 8 months, I quit. People thought I was crazy and would continually ask me, “Why did you quit?” My reasons for quitting had nothing to do with becoming an entrepreneur. Regardless of whether I got another job or started my own business, my reasons for quitting would have been the same. Continue reading

Why I Drive a Ferrari to Work

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always loved cars. I was one of those kids that had the Lamborghini Countach poster on my wall and dreamt about buying one one day. Today, I drive a Ferrari to work and I’m not shy about it. I get people asking me, “Is that the right thing to do? Is that the right message you want to send the rest of your team?

Forgetting the practicality (or impracticality) of driving a Ferrari every day, I completely disagree with people warning me against it. Here’s why.


One of my life changing moments is walking to a university class one day and seeing an amazing blue Ferrari pull up in the staff parking. Continue reading

The Ultimate Sale: How a Startup is Acquired

When it comes to startups, the acquisition outcome is often the only thing that’s remembered.  When you read about an exit you typically only see the final number but not the actual process. As a founder of an acquired startup, going through the process was super interesting and eye opening.

My last startup was successfully acquired at the end of 2012 and most people heard about it from our TechCrunch article (that’s actually the only time we were in TechCrunch). I want to share the 12-month process that got us to an exit. Firstly, I want to make clear that we were never for sale, we were acquired. Continue reading

Entrepreneurship As Your First Job

I speak to a lot of students in their last year of university or college who are just dying to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. I see a common look of fear in their eyes. They repeatedly tell me, “I’m going to graduate soon and I don’t know what business I’m going to start. I need to get started ASAP or I’ll fall behind!” The advice that I give students all the time is relax! You don’t need to start a business right out of school. You have time. Don’t worry.

I think there’s a common misconception that getting a traditional job right out of school is a negative towards becoming an entrepreneur. Continue reading

Why Great Salespeople Beat A Great Product

Everyone loves having a great product and great salespeople. When it comes to B2B technology products, if had to pick one over the other, I’d pick having great salespeople over a great product any day of the week.

If history has taught us anything, having great salespeople and a great sales process is more important than having the best product. It doesn’t matter how good your product is in B2B, if you don’t have great salespeople (or at least better than your competition) you will be outgunned and defeated.

Coming from the startup world, my first company was at a huge disadvantage when we entered the game. Continue reading