The Power of Automation: Sales Workflow vs. Texting Your Girlfriend

BroAppBlogBroApp, an app that will, “automatically message your girlfriend sweet things so you can spend more time with the Bros”, ruffled some feathers with their launch this week. It appears not all areas of your life can be made simple with automation tools. Which leads to the question, where can a busy salesperson save time?


Step 1: Take a Look at your Current Sales Workflow

Are there simple tasks eating up your workday? Identify when you find yourself thinking, I’m spending way too long on this. Start there.

Step 2: Research Available Tools

Depending on your industry, your role on the team and your budget, different workflow automation tools will fit you best. Know what your looking for before you begin researching. Common sales workflow solutions tackle: Lead Management, Outbound Emails and Approval Processes.

Step 3: Implement 

If this is your first attempt to automate a workflow, be prepared for a learning curve. As with all new tools, the first few days may be frustrating and appear to be taking you even longer than before. Fight off the temptation to go back. Once you have a knack for navigating the tool, your time spent configuring it will drop significantly. Eventually, the tool will tick away in the background as you spend your time on what you’re really good at: selling.

(Bonus) Step 4: Look for Other Areas to Improve

Keep improving. The firms who really see results from automation tools have solutions for multiple problems. Once you’ve got your sales workflow in place, take a look at related tools. Sales hiring, commission calculating and performance reviews are becoming hot areas for automation.

So, to automate or not to automate?

A detailed investigation confirms, sales workflow: yes. Users of popular CRM sales app reported a 36% boost in sales productivity after implementing sales workflow automation.

As for BroApp? Pages of comments from furious women around the world, disapproving articles such as, Why BroApp Is The Worst Thing To Happen To Dating and this tweet from New York Magazine seem to suggest, texting you girlfriend: no.

— New York Magazine (@NYMag) March 1, 2014


Takeaway: automate tedious sales tasks and free up some time to text your girlfriend.



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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

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Kayla Kozan