The Next Big Thing in Big Data: Data Dating

DataDateblogFirst there was speed dating. Then came speed networking. Today? Speed data dating.

Based on the premise that those who are able to develop tools for large data sets are often not the same people with access to large data sets, data dating is the newest thing to hit predictive analytics.

A few months ago a pilot event at GTEC2013 in Ottawa, Canada set out to match, “a diverse community of data owners … with entrepreneurial software developers, members of citizens’ groups and other enthusiasts.” Organizers explained the inspiration for the concept, “In a setting where 20 curators engage with 20 enthusiasts in a 5 minute speed-dating format, 400 connections are made. That is 400 opportunities for an idea to incubate.”

As data enthusiasts ourselves, we’re thrilled with the idea. As we saw with predicting the olympic medal count, publicly available data can only get you so far. In a successful data date, everyone stands to win. Developers are able to showcase their abilities and information holders are finally able to make sense of their data.

At Ideal Candidate, we’ve seen first hand the efficiencies gained when we combine our sales recruiting tool and actual sales performance data. Even after the “first date”, sales recruiters are able to quickly and confidently make more data-driven decisions. As the relationship gets more serious, our clients are pulling insights they didn’t even believe to be measurable.

With that, we highly recommend taking 5 minutes for contemplation. What data do you have access to as an individual or professional? How can you incorporate more data-driven decisions into your life? Can you use your existing data to save yourself time and your company money?

If you have access to data, get out there and socialize! Who knows, that cute girl at the coffee shop may be your future bride developer may revolutionize your sales recruiting process one day!

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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

Director of Marketing at Ideal
Kayla spent the last few years studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship on 3 different continents. Now covering the latest in predictive analytics, workplace diversity and big data. She has a keen interest in tech and discovering underrated brunch spots.
Kayla Kozan