The Most Popular Inside Sales Jobs of 2016


The Most Popular Inside Sales Jobs of 2016

Wow. It’s a great time be in Inside Sales. “Sales representative” is rated as the 5th happiest job in America; The Harvard Business Review found that happy salespeople are able to raise sales by 37% and if that’s not enough…

The Bridge Group’s 2015 survey found the average base salary of a B2B Inside Sales Rep is $60,000 with an average OTE of $118,000. That’s more than 2x the median for all other professions according to the Labor Department.

Let’s take a look at what industries are booming.

First, what is an “Inside Sales Representative?”

Our CEO, Somen Mondal gave a great definition in this piece, What is an Inside Sales Representative? He explains, “People typically get into this role as a promotion from a business development representative (BDR) or as a second sales job. Generally anywhere from 2-5 years of experience. But keep in mind, but that’s a big generalization and there are many people who get into Inside Sales from other professions or straight out of school. In this role, you will close business. Compensation is a mix of base + commission.”

Additionally, Inside Sales are becoming more popular (and not just because of the great salary) as the profession becomes more and more mobile. Essentially, Inside Sales can be done anywhere with a reliable phone and internet connection.


“Prospecting — find the man with the problem.”

— Ben Friedman

Here are three of the hottest Inside Sales jobs of 2016:

Digital Media Sales

As advertising continues to move towards digital, there is an increasing demand for digital media sales. Print media, radio and cable are a dying breed and digital media is on the rise. Technology is constantly changing, so if you stay up to speed with the latest trends such as SEO, banner ads and A/B testing, you should have no problem in selling the new age of digital media. Clients are looking for salespeople that understand the digital market better than they do and can take care of their online presence.

Software Sales

Are software sales jobs ever not hot? Organizations are always looking for the most innovative way to handle their business, which is why it’s no surprise that software sales are on the rise. Software sales are also Inside Sales heavy since you can sell to markets all over the world, from the comfort of one central office.

Since it is rare to have software sales experience when you’re right out of school, a good way to gain confidence is to start by looking for an company that sells something you use! See how they market and sell their product and what makes you buy. You may also consider joining a startup as they begin to build out their team. You will see how a software sales team is created and will be able to advance very quickly.

Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales

Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents connect buyers and sellers in financial markets. They give companies advice, sell to individuals and conduct trades. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2014 – 2024 the employment of securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents is projected to grow 10 percent, which means that 2016 is a great time to get a head start in this industry.

Remember these are just a few of the many (many) Inside Sales jobs out there. With Sales contributing to 30% – 40% of most business’ headcount, there is literally something for everyone. Are you in an industry that’s booming? Let me know in the comments.

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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

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