The 5 Things That the Top 1% of Salespeople Do To Prepare for Success

Learning from the Top 1%

It has been said that sales takes a lifetime to master. A savvy salesperson chooses a mentor for themselves, someone they admire. Someone that symbolizes who they would like to become in the future. I believe the power of mentorship is often underrated in sales. Sometimes we head out to beat our own path when we could have learned from those before us, saving us time and money. For that reason, this post is incredibly valuable. What does the top 1% do that we can mirror? Brandon Redlinger breaks it down for us.

Featuring Sales Influencer Brandon Redlinger

If you’re not already following PersistIQ‘s Brandon Redlinger, it’s a good time to start. With high-quality blogs often north of the 2000 word mark, Brandon tops our list of sales influencers. This infographic, based off of his piece, “The 5 Things That the Top 1% of Salespeople Do To Prepare for Success,” serves as a summary to his impressive post.

Keep this list close by as you keep working your way up the sales ladder!


Brandon Redlinger Top 1% of Salespeople Infographic

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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

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Kayla spent the last few years studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship on 3 different continents. Now covering the latest in predictive analytics, workplace diversity and big data. She has a keen interest in tech and discovering underrated brunch spots.
Kayla Kozan



    Amazing read. Understanding rejection is key to any success…