Sales leader Heather believes Ideal’s level of personalization makes it unique

Experienced sales leader Heather Currie-Martinez didn’t want to be just another faceless number at a company. Bombarded with requests from recruiters, she saw something different in Ideal’s job matching solution.

Ideal worked as advertised and matched Heather to a sales management role at Celigo where she can truly make an impact.

Read our interview with sales professional Heather on how Ideal’s effort to personalize her job search was a unique experience for her as a candidate.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

As soon as I put my resume online, I get so many requests from recruiters. It seems like you’re just another resume or number for them.

It seemed like Ideal was doing something different from the typical job search services because you took a lot of care in personalizing the job search for me.

What was your experience like with Ideal’s sign up process?

It was really easy and smooth. The assessment part took some time but it was another way you get to know me as a person, and not just as a resume. It reminded me of how online dating works, but for jobs.

Even though Ideal’s job matching is based on technology, what I was impressed with was the level of personalization I received.

It’s what really makes you stand out from other recruiters.

My Talent Scout seemed to truly have my best interests at heart. He never tried to pressure me into considering a position that didn’t feel right. He wasn’t just working for the employer – I really got the sense that he wanted to make a genuinely beneficial match between the employer and me.

How many sales job matches did you receive?

I applied to a job posting through Ideal rather than sign up for Ideal’s job matching service directly. I got matched to another sales role through Ideal and that was the one that I accepted.

How soon from when you signed up for Ideal did you start your sales job that Ideal matched you to?

Within 30 days.

What do you like about the job that you got hired through Ideal?

It’s a technology I didn’t have experience in so I can learn a lot while at the same time I’m able to apply my leadership background to the role. I liked the startup vibe, I’m not just employee number 10,000. I can make an impact as an individual and make a difference as a company. Plus, my short commute is nice!

Based on your experience, would you recommend Ideal to a friend?

Of course!

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience with Ideal?

Ideal really personalized the job search for me.

It’s what other recruiters claim to do but they don’t seem to treat you as anything special beyond the resume. Ideal took the effort to get to know me as a person and my Talent Scout really seemed to care about my needs as a candidate.

Thanks for sharing your sales job success story, Heather!

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