Sales executive Tim praises Ideal for its “white glove candidate experience”

Sales professional Tim Graves was looking for a new position. He signed up for Ideal’s job matching solution because he liked how it allowed him to showcase his abilities, skills, and personality in a way he couldn’t do with a one-dimensional resume. Ideal matched him to a Sales Executive position at ContextMedia and within three weeks he was hired.

Below our interview with Tim on 6 reasons he recommends Ideal’s job matching to find your next sales job.

Reason #1: Ideal allows you to showcase your selling style, personality, and culture fit

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

What I liked about Ideal was that it gave me the platform to stand out as a candidate by highlighting my accomplishments and my ability to fit into a culture, validating my selling style, and allowing me to express my personality.

Reason #2: Ideal’s sign up process is easy and doesn’t waste your time

What was your experience with Ideal’s sign up process like?

Ideal’s sign up process is extremely easy and intuitive. I didn’t have any issues at all. With other career sites, what I hate is uploading my resume and then filling out all the information that’s already on my resume.

Sales professionals aren’t known for our patience with record-keeping and paperwork and Ideal didn’t make me waste time on minutiae during its sign up process.

Reason #3: Ideal’s job matching is targeted

How many sales job matches did you receive and how many interviews did you go on from Ideal?

I was hired by the first company I was matched to by Ideal. The company I got matched with hires less than 1% of the people they interview.

All you need is one good match.

Reason #4: Ideal’s job matching is fast

How soon from when you signed up for Ideal did you start your sales job that Ideal matched you to?

The time from being matched by Ideal to getting hired was three weeks. This is shorter than the average time-to-hire for my position, which is about four to five weeks.

Reason #5: Ideal’s job matching will find you an amazing sales job

What do you like about the job that you got hired through Ideal?

The culture: it’s innovative, quick, and nimble. The perks: we have catered lunches, a barista on staff, and a massage room. At the end of a work day, I look at the clock and I go, “Wow, where did the day go?

Based on your experience, would you recommend Ideal to a friend?

Absolutely, I have!

How would you describe Ideal in one sentence?

Ideal is smart and efficient.

Reason #6: Ideal provides a white glove candidate experience through your own dedicated Talent Scout

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience with Ideal?

Ideal’s white glove candidate experience, including the quick follow up and the insight that you gain from your Talent Scout about what’s going on behind the scenes, is what stands out to me.

Salespeople talk – we talk to each other when we’re looking for a new job – and the better you treat the candidates, the more candidates you attract.

Compared to other career sites where you get assailed by recruiters, tons of spam, and job offers you don’t match to, the matching that Ideal does was transparent to me and it did a great job.

Thanks so much for sharing your sales job success story, Tim!

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