Sales professional Augustine got matched on Ideal to a role “tailor-made for my skill set”

Experienced sales professional Augustine Kim had outgrown traditional job sites with their simplistic and inaccurate job matches. Ideal stood out to him because it was clear that his Talent Scout had carefully thought out the match before contacting him.

He accepted a business development specialist role with Beltmann because he could tell right away it was a sales job that was tailor-made for his rare skill set. He continues to use Ideal because of its selling-related content that he calls “excellent, excellent resources.” Read our interview with Augustine below.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

The questionnaire about your experience at the beginning, that was more comprehensive than other job sites. At this point in my career I’ve outgrown other job sites that I’ve used in the past. It’s really obvious from the job matches they send to me that it’s automated, for example, based on certain word matches on your resume. Other job sites aren’t very specific and it’s like throwing spaghetti on the wall. Ideal was more specific.

In fact, the thing about Ideal that was attractive was that I didn’t get any matches at the beginning because there was nothing available that fit my criteria.

What was your experience with Ideal’s sign up process?

Ideal’s sign up process was comprehensive but it wasn’t difficult. There were very specific questions that did take some time but were pretty easy to get through.

What do you like about the job that you got hired with Ideal?

The job is very serendipitous for me because this position is almost tailor-made for my skill set. What they’re looking for they’re not going to find in a typical candidate. They needed someone with an old school telemarketing and sales background combined with a knowledge of current marketing and business development strategies. Someone who can prospect and close at the same time, which in my experience is not very common.

It was a perfect fit. I had a competing offer for $5K more and I didn’t even consider it because this job was too good of a fit.

What also appealed to me is that it’s an established company who’s willing to try new ideas, which is really, really refreshing.

Based on your experience, would you recommend Ideal to a friend?

Oh, absolutely. Especially my Talent Scout, he was excellent.

I get calls from recruiters all the time so I was skeptical when he contacted me. But I could tell when I spoke with him, it wasn’t just a random phone call. A lot of recruiters just want to get their commission. This was different, I could tell my Talent Scout actually knew my resume and sales experience. I’ve done this for a while and there are a couple things I’ll ask to see if they’ve actually looked at my resume, and it was obvious that my Talent Scout looked at my profile and had actually thought it through before he paired me with the role.

How would you describe Ideal in one sentence?

Organic recruiting and matching. And professional in nature.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience with Ideal?

Another thing I like about Ideal is there’s a lot of selling-related information you send out such as webinars. I take full advantage of them and they are excellent, excellent resources.

I’ve started using what I’ve learned immediately and it’s made me a lot more marketable. A lot of emails I get, I delete – the emails I get from Ideal, I’ll always read and if I have the time to attend the webinar, I do. And they’re free resources – that’s golden.

Thanks for sharing your sales job success story, Augustine!

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