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Account Manager Spencer got matched to a sales role that fulfilled his career ambitions

Excited to start his sales career, Spencer Alexander was looking for a sales role where he would enjoy continuous learning as well as high growth.

He found Ideal, created an account, and was matched to an Account Manager position at CDW that fulfills both his sales career ambitions. Read our interview with Spencer below.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

I was looking at job search sites after I graduated and I came across Ideal. I was using LinkedIn and there are a lot of job postings that weren’t a good fit for what I was looking for. Continue reading

Sales professional Augustine got matched on Ideal to a role “tailor-made for my skill set”

Experienced sales professional Augustine Kim had outgrown traditional job sites with their simplistic and inaccurate job matches. Ideal stood out to him because it was clear that his Talent Scout had carefully thought out the match before contacting him.

He accepted a business development specialist role with Beltmann because he could tell right away it was a sales job that was tailor-made for his rare skill set. He continues to use Ideal because of its selling-related content that he calls “excellent, excellent resources.” Read our interview with Augustine below.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

The questionnaire about your experience at the beginning, that was more comprehensive than other job sites. Continue reading

Sales leader Paul used Ideal to find the “best sales job I’ve ever had”

Seasoned sales leader Paul Dzurec first joined Ideal’s sales job marketplace as a passive candidate. With the luxury of waiting for the right fit, he trusted Ideal’s personality profiling to match him to the role he was looking for.

He accepted an offer as an Inside Sales Manager at EverQuote and within 6 weeks on the job, Paul calls it the “best sales job I’ve ever had.” Read our interview with Paul below.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

Ideal focuses on sales and sales management, you’re not just a general headhunting agency. This gives you the ability to make a better fit right from the start. Continue reading

Business Development Representative Dan calls signing up with Ideal “an effortless experience”

Business Development Representative Dan Mearns got matched by Ideal at a high growth software company in a sales role where he’s growing his passion and skills for software sales. He was so impressed with the results of his experience with Ideal that he recommends it to every friend who’s looking for a sales job.

See what else Dan says about his candidate experience with Ideal’s sales hiring process, and how it differed from the “standardized, HR, thanks for applying email” he was used to, in the video below.

Are you looking for a sales job? Browse open sales roles on Ideal, find your match and make more money! Continue reading

Business Development Representative Paul found the highest paying sales job of his career on Ideal

After completing his profile on Ideal, Business Development Representative Paul Vlahov was matched with 5 companies that matched his desired location, salary and sales culture. After evaluating his options, he accepted a sales job offer that has been the “highest paying sales job by far” of his career.

Watch what Paul says about his candidate experience using Ideal in the video below.

Are you looking for a sales job? Browse open sales roles on Ideal, find your match and make more money! Continue reading

Sales professional Vinayak calls Ideal the “perfect job finder”

Recent graduate Vinayak Arora was looking for his first sales job and he knew that the typical job search would take about 3 to 4 months.

While searching for jobs, he found Ideal, created an account, and within six weeks, Ideal and his personal Talent Scout matched him to his first job in Canada as an Account Manager at CDW.

Read our interview with Vinayak to learn why he calls Ideal the “perfect job finder.”

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

I wanted a job and I saw an ad for Ideal. I could see right away from your website that you were very different from traditional job boards so I signed up for an account. Continue reading

Sales executive Tim praises Ideal for its “white glove candidate experience”

Sales professional Tim Graves was looking for a new position. He signed up for Ideal’s job matching solution because he liked how it allowed him to showcase his abilities, skills, and personality in a way he couldn’t do with a one-dimensional resume. Ideal matched him to a Sales Executive position at ContextMedia and within three weeks he was hired.

Below our interview with Tim on 6 reasons he recommends Ideal’s job matching to find your next sales job.

Reason #1: Ideal allows you to showcase your selling style, personality, and culture fit

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal? Continue reading

Sales leader Heather believes Ideal’s level of personalization makes it unique

Experienced sales leader Heather Currie-Martinez didn’t want to be just another faceless number at a company. Bombarded with requests from recruiters, she saw something different in Ideal’s job matching solution.

Ideal worked as advertised and matched Heather to a sales management role at Celigo where she can truly make an impact.

Read our interview with sales professional Heather on how Ideal’s effort to personalize her job search was a unique experience for her as a candidate.

Why did you choose to sign up with Ideal?

As soon as I put my resume online, I get so many requests from recruiters. Continue reading