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4 Key Trends You Need To Know When Recruiting For The CPG Sector

Are you wondering what the key trends in CPG recruitment are today?

Consumer packaged goods (CPG), products that customers use and replace on a frequent basis, is one of the largest industries in North America, valued at approximately $2 trillion.

Despite its prominence, the CPG sector often struggles with recruiting because it loses candidates to other industries. According to David Youngerman, founder of a CPG recruitment firm, “The CPG business is not perceived as that sexy. People coming out of the top business schools don’t see CPGs as desirable as it used to be versus healthcare, consulting, technology, and investment banking. Continue reading

How A.I. Changes Hiring In Healthcare

Are you looking to make your hiring practice more productive and efficient?

North American healthcare hiring has been decreasing a bit in 2019, which is a potential longer-term problem. Statistically, there is a bigger skills gap in healthcare than in the broader economy, with the United States potentially facing a 122,000 doctor shortage by 2032. 

Hiring doctors can be niche, however, because of their extremely-specialized skills. Nurses have a specialized skill set as well, but hiring for them is a bit easier and can be aided with technology even more efficiently. And we need it! The hiring picture on the nursing side isn’t rosy. Continue reading

Guest Blog – How AI Will Change Jobs Forever (And What To Do About It)

Have you been wondering how AI will change your job and what you could possibly do about it?

If there’s one word that strikes fear in the heart of many employees, it’s “automation”. People fear for their jobs and livelihoods, visualizing robots doing their jobs while they toil in poorly-paid work. The reality, however, may be far more bright. According to research from CourseCompare, which interviewed tech executives at more than 100 public companies across Canada, many firms will actually need to hire more people due to AI. A large chunk of other companies don’t see job losses or gains coming at all – it will be business as usual with technology to help, at least over the next 24 months. Continue reading

Optimizing iCIMS For Success

Have you been wondering how to make iCIMS even better for your recruiters?

Our partnership with iCIMS

iCIMS is a leading recruitment technology solution in the world for businesses of all sizes. 2019 Conference Board research showed that a CEO’s current top priority is “attracting top talent,” so the ascent of iCIMS couldn’t come at a better time. Ideal is available in the iCIMS marketplace and we integrate seamlessly with the product.

If you’re considering iCIMS as an ATS solution, take a look at some of their customer success stories.

An ATS is essential 

A good ATS is essential for companies, because you need a place to capture, store, and reference candidate information, both for legal compliance and for the ability to better manage future searches (oh, and to make sure you don’t go absolutely insane trying to manage all these candidates manually). 

ATS is something you need, and iCIMS is a great current market solution. Continue reading

How To Coordinate High-Volume Hiring

High-volume hiring is a stark reality of business now. Oftentimes the context is seasonal, i.e. retail hires near the holidays, but it doesn’t need to be that pronounced. If a company has a new product launch upcoming or other business needs, they might have a random “splurge” period of high-volume hiring, which is generally defined as processes with 250 or more applicants. (An average job posting receives about 59 applicants.)

Briefly understand the current landscape

We all know the job market is tight right now. That narrative has been put forth a lot. High-volume hiring is harder in tight markets, for sure. Continue reading

Guest Blog – 5 Ways AI Is Bound To Leave Its Impact On HR And Recruiting

Technology is dramatically transforming the way businesses operate and function. All departments within the organization are at the receiving end of a technological overhaul and HR is no exception today. 

One technology, in particular, that is making huge strides and is bound to have the biggest and long-lasting impact in HR and a core part of recruiting trends for the next few years, is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that deals with deep learning algorithms and predictive analytics. It is an innovative technology that focuses on systematic analysis of data that gives computers the ability to autonomously learn without being specifically programmed for the same.  

The computer relies on patterns and inferences instead of explicit instructions. Continue reading

Ideal Announces New Patent For Its AI For Recruiting Technology

Ideal’s patent covers the system and methods for determining the right candidates for roles within an organization.

Toronto, Canada — [July 30, 2019] — Ideal, an A.I. for recruiting software company, announced the allowance and issuance of US Patent 10,255,585, entitled “A system, method and computer program product for determining suitability of a candidate for a role in an organization.” It protects the system that is configured to create an ideal candidate profile for the selected role based on several different data sets. The patent, issued on April 4, 2019, builds on Ideal’s ability to determine the correct candidates for jobs in an organization. Continue reading

Have You Heard Of Lean Recruitment?

Have you heard the term lean recruitment circling around your work space?

What is a “lean” process?

Toyota is sometimes called “one of the world’s great manufacturing success stories.” General Motors was actually the world’s biggest automaker from 1931 to 2008 (heck of a run), and Toyota took the title from them, largely based on a set of factors internally known as “The Toyota Way.” 

One of the major tenets of how Toyota produces cars is “lean manufacturing.” Essentially, the idea of “lean” is to eliminate waste in the production process. Toyota has seven main “wastes,” including overproduction (manufacturing an item before it’s actually required) and waiting (when goods are not moving or being processed). 

Sometimes the Toyota process is called “just-in-time” because each item is made only and just when it’s actually needed. Continue reading

How A.I. Improves Hiring In Manufacturing

What’s the current context around hiring in manufacturing, and how can technology make the process easier?

Where we stand now

Recently, as per The Wall Street Journal there is: “Record-high manufacturing job openings, but slow hiring.” This is true: In May 2019, manufacturing job openings hit a record-high, and it’s even a big deal in economies not traditionally tied to manufacturing, such as France. But even though the demand is there, the hiring seems much slower than 2-3 years ago. 

There’s also something else to consider: In the early-to-mid-1980s, some major manufacturing companies, such as General Motors, often filled 80-90% of openings from within, i.e. Continue reading

3 Crucial Tips For Recruiting In The Insurance Industry

Have you been curious about how to recruit in the insurance industry? As an area of work sometimes deemed to be dry, we have some tips for attracting and retaining the best talent!

With the average age of insurance agents estimated to be 59 years old, the insurance industry is facing what’s been called a “silver tsunami” of retirement. It’s no surprise then that 58% of insurance companies plan to recruit and hire within the next 12 months.

The need to hire more insurance agents is also driven by the fact that the industry is relatively recession-proof: people need insurance whether the economy is up or down. Continue reading