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Ready to Implement People Analytics? Don’t Forget the Most Important Question

Implementing People Analytics

Michael Cavaretta, Lead Data Scientist (before data science was cool) at Ford Motor Co. crafted a striking article on the fundamentals of analytics. With over 15 years experience, Michael points out the most critical question that is too often overlooked, “so what?”

Many analytics presentations crash and burn because no one answered the question, “so what?” 

We often talk about the power of people analytics and the potential it holds for business large and small. Michael even makes note in his piece, “Anytime you look at business metrics there is an opportunity to use analytics. A hot area right now is the application of big data and analytics to HR processes.”

It’s clear that human resources and hiring are itching for a revolution – but without defined strategy, many firms will fail. Continue reading

Sales Careers: The Data On the Most Common Sales Career Path

Sales is Changing

This is the data we have on the most common sales career path. People from all backgrounds and various education levels are welcome in the sales industry and we can learn a lot from the salespeople from generations before us.

How far they have progressed in their career is a usually a combination of ambition + personal drive + mentorship + a great job fit.

As the number of sales jobs diversify, more and more people will work in sales at some point in their careers. This is an overview of the most common sales career path.

Traditional Sales Career Path

Most career professionals within the industry began in a Sales Development Rep or Business Development Rep Role and worked their way up the ladder. Continue reading

How To Use A Personality Assessment To Hire Salespeople [Video]

What’s a sales personality assessment? And how does it help you hire better salespeople?

In the third episode of’s video series The Science of Sales Hiring, I explain how a sales personality assessment helps you identify salespeople who are more likely to succeed in your sales role – and produce 20.7% higher sales revenue on average.

The personality traits to look for when hiring salespeople

The most commonly researched personality traits for salespeople are the OCEAN traits (aka The Big Five):

    Openness to Experience (how creative you are) Conscientiousness (how hardworking you are) Extraversion (how social you are) Agreeableness (how nice you are) Neuroticism (how negative you are)

Out of the five OCEAN traits, the ones that have the highest correlations with sales performance are: Conscientiousness and Extraversion. Continue reading

The Salesperson’s Guide to Sales Job Hunting Part 2: The Decision Stage

This is The Salesperson’s Guide to Sales Job Hunting Part 2: The Decision Stage, part two of a two-part series. Read Part 1: Prep & Target here.

Step 1. Interview Prep

Sales job hunting is an art and a science. Once the interview requests start coming in, cross-reference your Skills, Pains, ROI, Budget and Geo/Industry with the position in question one more time. Create a final list of key questions you’re looking to answer in the interview. Note: Some of these should not be asked outright, only reflected upon using the information you’ve been given.

Skills: How translatable are my skills? Continue reading

The Culture, Perks and Sales Jobs at CDW [Vlog]

Sales Team Spotlight

At Ideal I get the benefit of working very closely with the CDW sales team. Here is a video overview of the culture, perks and sales jobs at CDW.

Key facts about CDW
    CDW is a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government and education Their hiring philosophy is “in order to deliver the right technology, right away, you have to start with the right people” Consistently ranked by Fortune magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” Ranked No. 31 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies CDW was founded in 1984 and employs more than 6,700 people
Open roles at CDW
    Duties: Establishes, develops and manages a book of business Researches sources for developing and qualifying prospective customers Coordinates sales effort with internal and external technical specialists, purchasing, and other internal departments Demonstrate ability to close sales and overcome clients objections Develop and maintain exceptional consultative relationships with existing clients
Interested?  Continue reading

The Salesperson’s Guide to Sales Job Hunting Part 1: Prep & Target

This is The Salesperson’s Guide to Sales Job Hunting Part 1: Prep & Target, part one of a two-part series. Keep on eye out for Part Two: The Decision Stage!

So you’re a sales professional. You graduated from college, went tumbling into the job market and landed in a pretty decent entry-level sales role with a B2B software company. Or maybe it was financial services? Insurance? Pharma? Whatever you’re selling, you’ve learned the fundamentals of the profession and are happy to be a part of it!

Over the last 1-5 years, you’ve learned the ropes, earned your stripes and have decided it’s time to start looking for your first big move into a great, new opportunity. Continue reading

Sales Job Interview? Watch These 3 Motivational Speeches First!

So you’ve landed a sales job interview, nice! Feeling nervous? Good. Career counselors say that a manageable level of nerves can actually improve interview performance. Stress “quickens our mind, sharpens our conversation and pumps more adrenaline into our system,” says Arlene Hirsch, a Chicago career advisor.

Let’s make sure you’re interview ready

Have you brushed up on your behavioural interview answers? Picked out your power suit? Set three alarms? Great. There’s only one thing left. Whether your interview is in an hour or a week, make sure you make the time for these three motivational videos. A combination of social science, inspiration and a classic badass Alec Baldwin monologue, these 3 speeches will have you ready to close one of your most important sales: a new job! Continue reading

5 Minute Intro to HR Technology

An Introduction to HR Technology

You’ve read it in the headlines. You’ve heard it at the watercooler. #HRtech seems to be the next big thing on your twitter feed. But what does it actually mean?

You can find a detailed definition of the emerging term here, along with examples and industry jargon – but if you’ve only got 5 minutes, here’s what you need to know.

15 Second Definition of HR Technology:

Technology used to attract, hire, and retain talent.

Origin of HR Technology:

The term itself has evolved over time, loosely from the days of Paper-based Systems > PC Systems > Electronic Databases > to today’s Web-based Technology

Related Terms:

#HRtech, People Analytics, HR Predictive Analytics, HR Big Data

HR Technology Names to Know: Chris Russell (@Chris Russell), RecTech MediaChris is considered the ‘mad scientist of online recruiting’. Continue reading

The Top 5 Sales Careers Hiring In 2016

So you have a great mix of experience, talent and personality that is essential in any career in selling. Now it’s time to land that perfect job and start earning the big bucks. These are the top 5 sales careers hiring in 2016.

Good news—most sales careers have the potential to be amongst the highest paying professions in North America. According to a survey from The Bridge Group (2015), the average base salary of a B2B inside sales rep is $60,000 with an average on-target earnings of $118,000. This is extremely high. A salary of $118,000 makes sales more than twice the average salary for all other professions. Continue reading

The 5 Personality Traits That Affect Your Salary

Did you know that your personality significantly affects how much money you make? Well, it does! These are the 5 personality traits that affect your salary:

Using a national sample of 14,500 people, Yale Professor Jason Fletcher examined the effects of our Big Five personality traits (a.k.a OCEAN) on our annual salary.

The effect of conscientiousness on your salary

Conscientious people tend to be organized, hardworking, and achievement-striving. Previous research has shown that conscientiousness is correlated with job performance and sales productivity, which is fantastic news for employers. The current research found that a one standard deviation increase in conscientiousness is related to a:

    3–6% increase in annual wages
The effect of extraversion on your salary

Extraverted people tend to be social, energetic, and assertive. Continue reading

5 Best Personality Traits for B2B Sales Jobs

It’s the question that keeps sales leaders up at night: what are the best personality traits for B2B sales jobs? Lucky for them (and us), research provides us with some clues.

Here’s what the data tell us are the 5 best personality traits for B2B sales jobs.

Keep this handy infographic nearby!

1. Adaptability

Adaptive selling is the ability of a salesperson to use his or her knowledge of selling situations, customer types, and selling strategies to tailor their message to each buyer’s unique needs and preferences. These adaptations may include:

    differences in a salesperson’s reactions to comments differences in a salesperson’s answers to questions changes in a salesperson’s body language

Research by Professors Franke and Park found that adaptive selling is correlated with:

    supervisor ratings of sales performance objective sales performance job satisfaction
2. Continue reading

How To Get On The Sales Executive Career Path

Not everyone who goes into sales has their eyes set high up the ladder. In fact, because of the commission-based nature of sales positions, climbing up through an organization is not required to earn a high salary or to feel fulfilled in your job. However, there are those of us that do have eyes on positions higher up; and it is always a good idea to keep an eye out, even as a passive candidate. 30 years ago it would be more difficult to pinpoint the skills necessary to become an incredible sales leader. However, these days, we have more data than ever to help reverse-engineer what it takes to become great. Continue reading

Recruiters Reveal the 7 Most Common Sales Resume Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Landing a great sales job begins with a great resume. Even if you don’t have a lot of sales experience, the actual look and feel of your resume can bring you to the top of the pool. Similarly, a stacked resume can be brought down by a couple small typos. Make sure you watch out for these common mistakes.

These are the 7 most common sales resume mistakes we see (and how to fix them!): 1. You had the “text wall”

Hiring managers often receive hundreds of applications for a single position. As much as we’d like to believe that they take their time to look through the information of each resume, the fact is that they only have so much time to narrow down the applicant pool. Continue reading

Four Of The Highest Paying Sales Jobs

You can make a lot of money in sales. Actually, you will make a lot of money in sales if you stick with us! Stay curious, keep learning, experiment with different selling styles and the money will follow.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying sales jobs and how to land one.

Whether you’re in sales already or are looking to make a complete career change, the perfect sales job for you is out there. According to this data, these are some of the highest paying sales jobs out there. Go get ’em!

1. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

Common positions in this field are Stockbrokers and Investment Bankers. Continue reading

4 Myths About Sales Jobs (And Why They’re So Wrong)

In terms of workplace happiness and job satisfaction we know that sales is one of the greatest professions out there. Solution selling, closing deals and being part of a team are all incredibly rewarding aspects of sales. So why does everyone still think we’re greasy car salesmen?

There are a lot misperceptions, stereotypes, and myths surrounding sales.

So let’s set the story straight.

Here are four of the most common myths about sales jobs and the data that proves them wrong. You may want to keep this infographic close by. Sales is an awesome career choice, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Continue reading

Increase Your B2B Sales Using These 7 Confidence Building Techniques

Even the best salesperson has days when their confidence takes a hit. Pick yourself up and try again is the go-to advice, but injecting a little science into how to recharge your confidence never hurts either.

Here are 7 science-backed techniques to increase your confidence in B2B sales.

1. Get confident by being excited

Salespeople generally have a bag of tricks to psych themselves up. Here’s another one for you: The next time you’re feeling nervous or stressed, don’t tell yourself to calm down. Instead, tell yourself to get excited.

Why it works

Feeling stressed has a similar physiological reaction as feeling excited (e.g., sweaty palms, racing heart). Continue reading

Top 3 Inspirational (and Motivational) Sales Speeches

Sometimes you just need to watch a video or speech to pump you up for a day of selling. There’s nothing like a little motivation to get you in the mood to sell. At our current company, and our last one, we’d always blast music when someone closes a deal. It gave everyone something to look forward to.

When I need a little pick me up, here are the top 3 inspirational (and motivational) sales speeches I watch:

1.Wolf of Wall Street – Leonardo Dicaprio

Best Quote: “You will not take no for an answer. You’ll not hang up the phone until your client buys or dies! Continue reading

Sales Quiz: Who Would Your Celebrity Sales Manager Be?

Which celeb would be your Sales Manager? From Glengarry Glen Ross’ hard-ass regional manager, Blake (Alec Baldwin), to The Office’s lovable, yet oblivious, Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Find yours below in less than 3 minutes! Share it with your co-workers and see if you agree… maybe even send it to your Sales Manager (annnnd maybe not if you get Bill Lumbergh).

This quiz is just for fun! Want to see what an actual sales assessment looks like? Check out and find your unique selling style in less than 5 minutes!

Continue reading

Computers Can Assess Your Personality Better Than Your Friends

Our social media profiles can provide some amazing insights into our personality. According to Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, 55% of recruiters have reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profile.

A new study demonstrates just how insightful our online profiles can be: based on our Facebook, an algorithm can assess our personality more accurately than our friends.

What your Facebook account reveals about you

Previous research has examined two common social media red flags used by recruiters: (1) references and photos of alcohol and drug use and (2) badmouthing of superiors and coworkers. Results found:

    Extraversion: extraverted job candidates were more likely to post about alcohol and drugs.
Continue reading