Sales Job Interview? Watch These 3 Motivational Speeches First!


So you’ve landed a sales job interview, nice! Feeling nervous? Good. Career counselors say that a manageable level of nerves can actually improve interview performance. Stress “quickens our mind, sharpens our conversation and pumps more adrenaline into our system,” says Arlene Hirsch, a Chicago career advisor.

Let’s make sure you’re interview ready

Have you brushed up on your behavioural interview answers? Picked out your power suit? Set three alarms? Great. There’s only one thing left. Whether your interview is in an hour or a week, make sure you make the time for these three motivational videos. A combination of social science, inspiration and a classic badass Alec Baldwin monologue, these 3 speeches will have you ready to close one of your most important sales: a new job!

The Data Backed Hacks

Amy Cuddy racked up an impressive 7 Million+ views for this TED. For some context, this places it among the Top 20 TED talks of all time. Amy delves into the science of body language and just how much it impacts us and the way we socialize. Amy and her team even studied interviews specifically as one of their contexts for evaluative situations. Her advice on “power posing” is so applicable when it comes to sales interviews. Hiring managers are not only evaluating your answers, but your confidence and your presence in the room.

Best Line: “If you feel like you shouldn’t be somewhere: Fake it. Do it not until you make it—but until you become it.” *Mic drop*

The Motivational Montage

“Motivational speech” will bring you over 2 million YouTube results, but when it comes to quality, Mateusz M is the king. “Dream” is a personal favourite and particularly valuable as you prepare for a sales job interview. A montage made from Into The Wild, Rocky 4, Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness, and A Beautiful Mind, made this video incredible popular. I think you’ll see why.

Best Line: “Greatness, is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever taste. It’s something that truly exists, in all of us.”

The Classic: Always Be Closing

Perhaps one of the most iconic sales monologues of it’s time, Alec Baldwin destroys this scene from 1992’s Glengarry Glen Ross. If you’ve ever heard, “Put. That. Coffee. Down. Coffee is for closers.” that’s Alec for ya. In terms of practical advice, you might be better off with video 1 and 2, but Alec brings some grit to the table.

Best Line: “A-B-C. A-always, B-be, C-closing. Always be closing!”

Study Up

Now set these three videos on loop before the big day. One-third of hiring managers said they are able to tell if they will hire a candidate within 90 seconds of meeting them. Walk in confident and make your 90 seconds count! Even once you’ve landed the job, don’t forget these wise words, they can be a great refresher before a web demo, cold call, performance report or client meeting.

Now get out there! You’ve got this.

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Kayla Kozan

Kayla Kozan

Director of Marketing at Ideal
Kayla spent the last few years studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship on 3 different continents. Now covering the latest in predictive analytics, workplace diversity and big data. She has a keen interest in tech and discovering underrated brunch spots.
Kayla Kozan