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Ideal is an intelligent system that complements your existing HR software to help you make the best talent decisions.

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3 Strategies For Quality Of Hire At Retailers

Three data-backed strategies to improve the quality of hire for retailers that don’t require a total overhaul! Each of these strategies can make improvements to hiring.

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Improving Quality Of Hire for Retailers

Notorious for having high turnover, retailers need to know how crucial quality of hire is. This one-page summary shows what retailers can adjust to improve this metric.

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AI For Retail Recruiting — Everything You Need To Know

Retail hiring has never been an easy task. This eBook provides an overview of AI for retail recruiting specifically and how you can begin to implement AI today.

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Customer Success Story: Hot Topic

Receiving well over 1000 resumes a day, Ideal helped Hot Topic use an AI-powered chatbot to identify and hire top performers at over 800 retail locations!

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