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Recruiting Software: A Guide For Talent Professionals

Best practices and a viable strategy, specifically for using recruiting software to improve quality of hire.


What We'll Cover

  • What Is Recruiting Software?

    Starting with the basics of what recruiting software is and how it can streamline and improve your company processes.

  • Different Software Tools Available

    There are so many different applicable tools that can be used that integrate directly with your existing software.

  • Innovations And Features In Recruiting Software

    Why AI is the fastest growing area of recruitment tech today and different innovations in the area.

You heard it here first!

  • As AI systems in HR get smarter, more proven, and more focused on specific problems, I believe we will see dramatic improvements in productivity, performance, and employee wellbeing.

    Josh Bersin, Founder & Principal, Bersin by Deloitte

  • The next journey for HR leaders will be to leverage artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence.

    Jeanne Meister, "AI Plus Human Intelligence Is The Future Of Work", Forbes

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