How To Shortlist Candidates Checklist

Using your “gut feel” to hire? Finally create a standardized candidate shortlisting process for your team!

The Candidate Shortlisting Strategy You Need to Know About


What is candidate shortlisting?

Learn the basics of using standardized criteria to shortlist candidates.


Using AI to shortlist candidates

Learn how companies are using artificial intelligence to shortlist candidates quickly and without bias.


Bonus 4-step checklist

Print off this handy checklist for your desk. Optimize your hiring in four steps!

  • “Algorithms will transform recruitment processes by replacing reliance on both recruiters’ intuition and automated CV evaluation based on word matching with insights gleaned over time from analysis of large datasets. This will help hiring managers hire the best staff.”

  • “Predictive analytics is likely to become one of the most important feature sets in HR technology platforms in the next few years.”