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How-To Shortlist Candidates (Bonus Checklist Included!)

A simple, comprehensive overview of building a candidate shortlisting process that will consistently select top talent. Includes a one-page checklist to work through with your recruiters.


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  • What is candidate shortlisting?

    Learn the basics of using standardized criteria to shortlist candidates.

  • How to shortlist candidates using AI

    Learn how companies use AI to shortlist candidates quickly & without bias.

  • How to optimize your hiring

    Print off this handy checklist for your desk. Optimize your hiring in four steps!

You heard it here first!

  • I would definitely demo and speak to the Ideal team about how this solution could impact your hiring and process. I think TA leaders at all sized organizations will find this pretty attractive.

    Tim Sackett, SPHR, SCP, President, HRU Technical Resources

  • I can’t say enough about the impact this technology has made on our business.

    Johnny Sanchez, Head of Recruiting, Hot Topic

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