5 Game-Changing Recruiting Trends

Stay ahead of the curve! Learn the 5 trends shaking up the recruiting industry.

The Recruiting Trends You Need to Know About

Learn about the most exciting recruiting trends out there and how your company could benefit from them.


What's Out There?

To set the foundation we'll give you a quick overview of 5 major trends in the recruiting world today.


What's Causing These Shifts?

Learn about the root causes of recruiting innovation including the advances in recruitment technology and a focus on workplace diversity.


What Trends Are Taking Off?

Learn more about how AI, increased hiring and mobile recruiting are changing the way recruiters source, shortlist and engage candidates.

  • “Algorithms will transform recruitment processes by replacing reliance on both recruiters’ intuition and automated CV evaluation based on word matching with insights gleaned over time from analysis of large datasets. This will help hiring managers hire the best staff.”

  • “An AI recruiting system could automate that review process while integrating it into the existing recruiting database to avoid workflow disruption. This would sharply reduce hiring time and give retailers a better chance of winning the best talent.”