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Hire a More Diverse Workforce

Ideal removes variables that lead to biased screening —laying out the foundation for unprejudiced hiring practices.


“I used Ideal at a previous company and we had tremendous success. When I joined S&P Data, I partnered with Ideal because I knew it would solve our core challenges.” ”

“The talent was already there, we just didn’t have the resources to unlock it. Ideal found a way to triple our pace — meaning we could catch the best candidates quickly.”

Quickly Shortlist

Ideal intelligently shortlists candidates based on resumes, assessments, chats, and more!

Ensure your talent pool stays engaged with Ideal's chatbot feature.

Increase Engagement

Engage with Top Talent

Increase the quality of hires at your organization by reaching out to top candidates first

Ideal removes variables that lead to biased screening and matching.

Reduce Hiring Bias


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Some of the world's most successful firms have integrated Ideal in their talent acquisition processes

As a result, they have reduced time to fill by 70% and increased new hire retention by up to 20%. Curious to learn how?