Maximize Your Quality of Hire

Using Ideal’s resume screening software employers can identify candidates who will stay longer and perform better. Ideal uses all your data sources to consistently identify talent that succeeds, improving your long-term quality of hire.

Grade Candidates In Real-Time

Ideal’s software goes beyond simple keyword matches, identifying the most qualified candidates, instantly. Ideal scans and filters resumes grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real-time, all within your existing HR systems.

Screen Every Single Candidate

Employers using Ideal achieve a 100% screen rate, often for the first time ever. Ideal’s resume screening software eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening, making sure no candidate is missed.

Automated Resume Screening Software Using AI

Powered by artificial intelligence, our candidate screening software uses your feedback to get smarter.


Candidates are screened and shortlisted instantly, so you know exactly who to contact first.


Finally connect all of your candidate data sources to make the best hiring decisions.

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