Increase Recruiter Efficiency

ideal increases recruiter efficiency

Automate the early part of your recruiting funnel and remove tedious, time-consuming tasks.

Remove Bottlenecks

Manually sourcing candidates and screening resumes are the largest recruiting bottlenecks. Remove these draining tasks from your workflow.

Reduce Time To Hire

Automate tedious, time-consuming recruiting tasks to quickly reduce time to hire.

Spend Your Time With Top Candidates

Prioritize your outreach to spend more time with high-quality applicants who will be a great fit on your team.

How We Do It

56% of talent acquisition leaders predict their hiring volume will increase this year, but only 26% plan to increase recruiter headcount.

To meet these increased hiring demands, time-constrained recruiters need recruitment automation tools to increase their efficiency through automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Manually screening resumes is still one of the biggest bottlenecks in recruiting. A resume spends 38% of time stuck in the application and screening phases. On average, recruiters start contacting candidates 9 days after receiving their applications.

Ideal’s AI enables recruiters to increase their efficiency by automating two major bottlenecks in the top of the recruiting funnel:

Ideal’s recruitment automation allows recruiters to prioritize their time talking to the best candidates and improve key KPIs such as reducing time to fill and cost per hire.