Benefit: Increase Recruiter Efficiency

Automating the early part of the recruiting funnel remove tedious, time-consuming tasks and allows recruiters to prioritize talking to the best candidates first. This allows recruiters to reduce their time to hire and cost per hire.

How We Do It

56% of talent acquisition leaders predict their hiring volume will increase this year, but only 26% plan to increase recruiter headcount.

To meet these increased hiring demands, time-constrained recruiters need recruitment automation tools to increase their efficiency through automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Manually screening resumes is still one of the biggest bottlenecks in recruiting. A resume spends 38% of time stuck in the application and screening phases. On average, recruiters start contacting candidates 9 days after receiving their applications.

Ideal’s AI enables recruiters to increase their efficiency by automating two major bottlenecks in the top of the recruiting funnel:

Ideal’s recruitment automation allows recruiters to prioritize their time talking to the best candidates and improve key KPIs such as reducing time to fill and cost per hire.